A Bit About… dollsbook.com

 Our Mission Statement

dollsbook.com is a social gathering for dolls and their companions. Created for doll lovers by doll lovers!

Designed to be more than just a forum or message board, in other words, dollsbook is an actual “Social Network.”

If you came here to find hardcore doll sex and porn, you are in the wrong place.

We invite you to come in and take a look around. Members will find some cool things like:

  • Custom profiles
  • Wall posting
  • Achievements
  • Member created photo albums
  • IM chat with your those on your friends list
  • Forums covering a variety of ever growing topics
  • PM system

All information provided by the member is deleted upon account deletion. Photos, posts to walls, etc. However forum posts will stay but the photos will be gone if they were embedded within. Members have complete control over their account and can delete it at any time. If you have any kind of questions or problems our friendly admin staff will be glad to assist as soon as they can. Please contact support@dollsbook.com.

There have been many hours of work has put into this service and we really hope you enjoy it.

 Your Privacy is valuable. Please refer to our privacy policy for full details.

So here’s the tl;dr version: we do not sell, or rent user’s emails or information EVER!

All we require is a working email address to activate an account.  We only use data for traffic, security purposes, and content delivery purposes.  We do use cookies here at dollsbook.com. We may also send you emails related to the dollsbook.com site and upcoming events. (Which you may opt out of easily.)

No matter the doll, TPE, silicone, BJD (ball joint dolls), mini, fabric, inflatable, plush, anthropomorphic, miniature, of just plain home made, they will be welcomed.

You have probably seen the others doll communities out there. So have we. That is why we have decided to create this service to bridge a gap in the forums style and the live social media.

We just want something a little different!  Click Or Tap Here To Join Us if you do too!

Please remember to check your spam folder as some members are reporting that the activation email will go there sometimes!

Each member, be it a doll or companion may interact at any level so chosen. We do ask that you do not break the “fourth wall” when interacting with other members who are “in character.”

For instance, you can: Rack up achievements! Chat with your friends! Upload your photos! Take part in forum discussions! Follow your friends on the news feed! Create your persona with a customized profile! You may also visit the alternate universe we call Dollyverse. This is where your doll can come to life!

Thank you for checking out our site. We hope you will come help us grow and join in the fun!

<3 Eva & dollsbook.com