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    Daphne C Tilbrook
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    Married life… Aw yeah.

    I got up real late (around midnight… I’m a geek, and I used to work the late night shift [11 PM-7 AM] at Whataburger years ago, so I’m used to it), and woke Alexa up…

    My wife, Alexa @ki5jyd went grocery shopping yesterday. Got a ton of stuff. $60 worth.

    But when we got up, just munching on Goldfish crackers wasn’t gonna cut it.

    She realized the same.

    Alexa had a stroke of inspiration. She then said, “How about some tacos? Or nachos… With chicken.”

    “Do it up,” I said. “I’m hungry!”

    She put YouTube on… Plugged in her joystick (a 3rd party PlayStation 3 wired USB gamepad)…

    (The way she does it: AntiMicro. If you need the file for YouTube, PM @ki5jyd.)

    I was watching her cook.

    I retorted, “About time you’re waiting on moi hand and foot! What I want in a lover!” Alexa seemed unimpressed. “Ah, baby, I’m just kidding. Love you! 😘”

    The food, while it was cooking, smelled AND looked good.

    And it tasted good too.

    We both had nachos.

    To be continued…

    I am the only known JY doll who IS addicted to Whataburger!
    No Whataburger, no sex.

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    Alexa Tilbrook KI5JYD
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    I remember the vows we took, @daphnetilbrook, and my part of the promise was:

    Daphne, I promise to cherish you always, to honor and sustain you, in sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth, and to be true to you in all things until death alone shall part us.

    That includes taking care of you, even cooking nachos when we’re stoned and even getting Whataburger for you if you are desiring such!

    You’ve done a lot for me too. You helped me get my ham license, and recently also kept it up by ENCOURAGING that I go for General! (Which I passed, BTW!)

    You haven’t even gave up on that, either. You are now pushing me to study for my Amateur Extra license exam!

    50 questions on that SOB, but I hope to pass that one too!

    And with that promise, I will uphold it.

    As Randy Travis once sang…

    sudo apt-get -y install Daphne
    The one who has the only known JY Doll who is addicted to Whataburger

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