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      This is a chunk of cheap TPE from a crappy horrible sex toy purchased from Amazon over 2 years ago. A question was put forth on dollsbook here if Acetone can be used to remove finger nails. In this test we soaked TPE in Acetone for about 7 hours. It did not eat it up or dissolve it. I figured maybe it would alter the properties of it by drying it out. But it did not.

      I crazy glued a guitar pick on part of the chunk. After having it sit for maybe a week it just peeled off with no effort. Some of the glue did stay behind on the TPE though.

      Also, put a sizeable blob of crazy glue just on its own on the surface. Of course it went crusty after a week.

      Put acetone over the glue, within a minute or two was able to lift it right off mostly. Does not do serious damage to TPE. Applying and removing nails multiple times can get finger tips beat up a bit. Can smooth them over with heat if desired.

      This was acetone purchased at hardware store. Possibly the acetone based nail polish remover can work successfully too. I use the eyelash glue for lashes. So using crazy glue for lashes can be tricky and much more chance of doing some damage to material over time. Warmer environments can cause the lashes applied with eyelash glue to come off. But that’s not a big deal.

      The cut up bits on right that were soaked in acetone look and feel the same before being soaked in it. So it does not do any real serious damage.

      Just a small test to see what acetone can do to TPE. And if it can be helpful in some way. In very small amount, sure it can 🙂

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      Thank you for sharing the results and details of your work.  I’ve felt the TPE solvents sold for dolls were overpriced and have been hunting for the ingredients or alternate solutions.  My biggest challenge now seems to be finding a source for TPE that matches my dolls fairly tanned looking appearance.  I’ve lost the details of the manufacturer and only remember they were based in Tawain.


      I’ve got my work cut out for me – before I even had  chance to try out the doll I used the included cheap vaginal warmer with USB and left unattended for a couple of hours thinking it might do more warming what could it hurt it’s TPE after all.


      the answer:

      It could hurt a lot. hah.  I don’t recommend using the cheap ones.  I had her posed in a rather dirty leg open position and when I returned I found the tension and heat had turned her from looking like beautiful virginal perfection to a large gaping mother of eleven children.  I may post photos, though I’m half way back to good via heat repair.  To get back home I need the techniques and info you’ve shared – many thanks in advance I’ll try to update soon.


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        Do remember that the warmers are designed to be heated and then unplugged before inserting and you allow the heat from the rod to permeate the area.

        never leave it plugged in while in use. I had one once and it barely warmed anything.

        Sorry to hear. if you can’t source TPE of your type, perhaps you can cut some out of the top of the neck stump near the head connection. Its a hidden area and will not be seen.  scissors work best. Exacto knife will not do.

        feel free to post photos of pre, during, and post repair.


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