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      Dutch Dance Maniac
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      CES 2019: Alexa gets a robotic talking head.

      If i can get something like this on my Timea’s body and her orginal WM face over the skull then the first step could be made to a robotic version of Timea.

      Can’t wait untill that day to realize this concept, until that day we have to keep dreaming for a while……..

      However Unreal This May Be, We Are Connected.... You And I.
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      We Share The Same Secret .... We Love Our Doll (s) And Our LifeStyle.
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      Rebuttal… hahahahaha

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      Eva L’Fleur (On Sabbatical)
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      Thats really neat DDM!

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      (Mayor) Julia Jameson
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      The time will come, and probably sooner than we think, when an anthropomorphic robot or robots in every house will be the norm, kind of like the movie I Robot based on the writings of Isaac Asimov but without the whole taking over the world part, LOL. They will be the smart phones of the future in the form of an assistant who can do almost anything for you including placing phone calls. Once they enter mainstream use as assistants or companions the “other” uses for them will naturally follow. I can envision a time when you can order a custom made robot chassis and have it “dressed” in any conceivable “skin” that can be imagined, an actual tpe or silicone or whatever body over the robotic skeleton. I keep going back to it but for me the standard that needs to be reached is the blonde model from her namesake movie Cherry 2000, LOL.

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      Kevin W9JYD
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      Hell… if Amazon Alexa got a talking head… but is it going into the dustbin of failed Alexa products? Like the Alexa dog collar?


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      All this “stuff” sometimes makes me wish I was born 250 years ago.

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