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    Hope this is the correct place for this.

    Has anyone tried cleaning their doll with fast orange smooth, the one without pumice

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    Julia Jameson
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    I don’t know of anyone trying that. Be very careful using anything that might damage your new companion. If you are daring enough to try it only try it on a very small area first to see if it has any bad side effects. There is plenty of good info on different cleaning products and methods in this forum. There is no universal clean all when it comes to finding a particular product, best bet is careful experimentation until you find what works best for you. For the first few cleanings a mild soap and water would be best then as the impurities from the molding process come to the surface you may need something stronger. It is a process that takes time and just needs a little patience until you find a method that works best. After a while you have to balance cleaning and oiling to the actual needs of your particular situation, too much can be as bad or worse than not enough when it comes to cleaning products and oiling.

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    Thanks for the information.

    update, fast orange wipes do absolutely nothing

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