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    If you have and idea for new parts and accessories for your doll and you would like to share it, post them here. This means something custom and specific for your doll such as contraptions, gizmos, gadgets, and even possibly replacement parts.

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    Don Keydick
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    Great idea for a new topic Dom. One of the things I have really wanted to do for my girls is come up with a way to make them smile. The FaceApp app is great to make photos of smiling faces but I want some type of insert or prosthetic for the mouth to at least make a little Mona Lisa smile if nothing else. I know of the teeth inserts a member of another site that goes by the name of Von Rubber produces, in fact I believe @rainking has a set, but I want to take that one step farther to somehow get a smile using a similar approach. I would love to experiment with a 3D printer to make some prototypes. Any thoughts on this subject would be welcome.

    I purchased a set of the EZ Move eyes and eyelids from a member named MannequinFan on a another site that work as advertised and make it super easy to change eye color with the removeable irises and easy to position the eyes exactly how you like them, along with a set of upper moveable eyelids which allow you to set them anywhere from full open to full closed. I love the range of different looks I can get using them by simply moving the position of eyes and eyelids.

    One other custom touch that really makes a difference to me was purchasing some handmade real hair eyebrows that look extremely real. They are easily repositioned on the forehead to give Julia a range of expressions just from her eyebrows, from surprised to sultry.

    Now if I just had a way to slightly alter her mouth and give me a smile, or frown, I could really get some great expressions on her beautiful face.

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    Yeah I read ya Donnie, I am going to get a 3D printer one day.. been wanting one forever!

    Here is my set i have from VonRubher.

    and the many looks u can get with them.

    Gene Simmons?

    these were all 3D printed by VR.


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    I my add a 3D printer to my garage machine shop. I do have a CNC, surface grinder, and a small lathe. I will eventually expand. A friend of mine built a 35 x 55 polebarn with radiant floor heating. I will end up there and then we can buy even more machines.  I currently work at a machine shop as well. I have over 25 years experience in the trade.

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    This may be taking things to the extreme, but I’ll put this out there anyway. If someone was so inclined and has the technical expertise, one could possibly copy their doll’s head. What I mean by this is to create a skin which could cover an internal chassis that houses the very mechanisms to give full control over facial expressions, eye movement, and mouth movement. So, in effect it would be just like Hollywood movie puppets and animatronics.

    With todays technology more accessible to virtually everyone, the idea of producing such a thing isn’t that far out of reach. I myself deal with 3D figures as a hobby all the time. I could literally scale up a figure to human proportions and export parts in whatever file format I need and run them through some CAM software. I could then CNC machine them in almost any material I choose. There are laser scanners out there that could be used in the similar capacity for getting the data.  Not to mention digitizing arms that are also available. You can even build your own scanner or digitizer. If you have a CNC machine, you can outfit it with a digitizing probe as well.

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