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      So far on 11/3/18


      1. *FORUM* Added forum post count (total posts) with plugin
      2. *FORUM* Added  add attachments (Limit 800k) GD Attachments plugin
      3. *FORUM* Added updated tinyMCE (wysiwyg editor buttons)
      4. *FORUM* Added add Polls GD polls plugin
      5. *PROFILES* Added Extended Profiles X profile Extender plugin
      6. *SITE* Fixed 404 fix redirect on logout using SEO redirect plugin
      7. *CHAT* Moved chat Right  Ifly chat
      8. *CHAT* Enabled file/photo upload. (unsure of the size limit so stay tuned)
      9. *SITE* Update Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use & Rules
      10. *SITE* Created “About” page
      11. *FORUMS* Switched attach. for photos to “INLINE” that should put them in the body of post instead of attached to bottom of post.
      12. *FORUMS* Fixed topics not showing (we think, working now per participant level)
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