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      I have been a member for about three months and have finally figured out how I wanted to introduce myself.  I have spent several months researching why I like the dolls and whether or not there was/is something wrong with me because I do. After reading several articles, forum posts, and research papers, I decided explaining how I got here was the best way.

      After my wife became pregnant, my work schedule and her self body image began to drive us apart.  Our emotional and physical relationships suffered. Tradition masturbation became boring after several years. Being totally faithful, a physical relationship with another woman was out of the question.

      I began shopping the internet for interesting sex toys. Many of them looked off putting to me: torsos, feet, boobs with vaginas, etc. I eventually stumbled across the love dolls.  The photo shopped dolls looked attractive and so much better than the other toys. After a long period of shopping, I settled on a WM 157B. She is a little thin and unrealistic but cute and not too expensive.

      Two weeks later, Allie was delivered to the house. My wife knew I had purchased the doll, l but was of the mindset, “If I don’t see it, it won’t bother me.” Wrong.  It did bother her and, for a moment, maybe pushed us a little farther apart. She had the understandable fears of being replaced or that the doll was more of what I wanted in a woman.  I felt it was time to introduce the two of them.

      After seeing Allie in pieces in the box, some of the tension eased.  This started many long sessions of deep discussions with my wife on why I liked the dolls, how I felt emotionally about them, and (more importantly) our relationship. Without knowing it, the doll and the discussions brought her and I together again.  It was almost as if our relationship was brand new again.  We will soon be celebrating our 25th year of marriage!

      Eventually, the attraction to the dolls shifted to creating looks for them and taking pictures.  I also decided to purchase a doll that was more of what I would have purchased if I had not been looking for the inexpensive option.  That is where Gretchen came in. She is a 6YE Premium 161C.

      I had always questioned why men and women would develop back stories for their dolls. My wife actually started doing it and I quickly found myself entertained by the whole process and joined in. Someday I hope to explain their personalities through pictures.

      My wife still works to totally understand. Sadly, she often questions herself on why she feels mostly ok with it all. I get it.  She has helped me throughout this scenario by talking with me, helping understand makeup and women’s clothing, and by making custom jewelry for them.  I was amazed at how the jewelry made the girls look better!

      She has also given me some of her clothes since she and Gretchen are roughly the same size. (Good thing, too. Both dolls would probably spend eternity in lingerie!)  She tells me being a part of this whole crazy scenario helps her understand a little better.

      Whew! I didn’t expect this to be as long as it is but it is done.  Thank you for this forum and the stories and photos that have been shared. They have helped my understand myself and enjoy an interesting (even if it is taboo) aspect of my life.


      P.S.- In the photos, Gretchen has the blue eyes, Allie has the green(ish).


      Allie WM 157B
      Gretchen 6YE 161C

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      Dollsbook has some nice features that get overlooked. One is forums. Yes, DB does have forums 🙂 And it is nice to see you making use of them @alliex

      Dollsbook even has groups. It seems most people just make use of the main activity wall. But there is more to it then just that. Wall posts will get buried over time. If someone wishes to express themselves, or just show off their gorgeous doll(s), forums are the place.

      If you want to create a photo album for your ladies, that can be done too.

      Notice there are no ads? 🙂 How dollsbook will fund itself is an ongoing question. Other boards vendors will pay for ad spots, or have their own forum they can use to post their products. There are 1 or 2 vendors here, but this site is a very low traffic site at this time. It was Fine Love Dolls brain child that spawned this site. @rainking did take it over from him.

      I believe they’ve put it on the back burner for now since life can get in the way of things. So they are counting on members to create content, and attract more members.

      One way of looking at it, is it gives some power to the people. And it is the people who make a site what it is. A couple other boards I left because it was vendors who spam the hell out of the threads posted. And all the prejudice that was happening on them. It seemed more about business then hobby or pleasure.

      Welcome aboard! enjoy the hobby!

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