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      just saying my hellos always good to stay connect with folks that has similar interest. I am a lover of the dolls as well as the robot dolls. some of he new ones look tempting. I would love to transform my sex doll into a robot!

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      Hello and Welcome to Dollsbook. I am right there with you on taking the dolls to the next level with automation and animatronics for certain aspects. I would most like to see some ability to alter facial expressions, moving the eyes, blinking and opening and closing them and possibly to move the mouth while speaking and match it to verbal responses from a speech recognition program.  Imagine sitting next to your synthetic sweetie and being able to converse while seeing their mouth move in time and seeing eye blinks and smiles and frowns or whatever. To me this would really be a game changer. I hope some manufacturers are paying attention.

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      agreed. I wish I knew how to make them i looked some stuff up but everything is so expensive. after buying the silicone blow torch and metal frame…  it would have been cheaper to just buy on already made. but I am buying a 3d printer… because you have to start somewhere. i wanna print out one of those robot faces and start playing with the animatronics like you were mentioning.  Im sure to post pics on this forum if I ever get there…  but at the end of the day i think its a better eal just to buy one. i just wanna learn for my own good. im mischievous like that X_____^



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      Hi Battery_dude! Welcome!!

      We too have thought of ways to make robotics and or convert… right now for the fans, its really out there. BUT things get smaller and more powerful every day.

      Give a shout if you need any help or wanna chat!





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