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      Just a tutorial on how to add your images to your messages in the forum threads

      One way is attach it to the message, but viewers will have to click to view it, it wont be added to body of message.

      You are given space here to upload as many images to your album(s) as you please. However at the time of this writing, 5 images per message on the board is the limit.

      So here is How I do it…

      Hover mouse over your profile pic upper right. when drop down appears, select Photos (or Albums)

      Right click and select open in new tab. Reason for this is so your post will not be lost all the typing and all 🙂

      now select files or drag and drop… Upload your photo there… then…

      Once page refreshes your fresh and hot doll image will be at the left most image. mouse over and right click, choose Copy Link Location


      Go to your message post tab, right click and choose Paste in your message body, and there is your image of your lovely Synthetic Sexy Sweetie!!

      Depending on size of your image, it’ll show a huge pic 🙂

      You can resize by clicking on image and dragging the corners to resize the image.

      And that’s all there is to it.

      Features are being added to dollsbook frequently, so this method may change due to improvement to site.

      Have fun!!


      Edited by RainKing due to this member has left the service and deleted account. This also took away all the photos associated with the said account. We have no implemented features to preserve the form and function of such things in the future.  RK 6/18/19

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      If you have an image online somewhere else you can also use that image without adding it to your album.

      1. Find the image online you want to link to. Right click on the image and select “copy link address” (Chrome) and “copy link location” (Firefox).

      2.. In the DB message area click on the image icon in the options bar.

      It will open up a window:

      Right click in the text box and copy the saved link address for the image. Just keep in mind that if that image is ever removed, moved or taken down your image won’t show up.

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