Has your time on Dollsbook increased or decreased because of Stay-At-Home orders?

As of 2020-03-25, 17 states in the USA, with Indiana being the latest, ordering stay-at-home orders and other countries around the world following suit, some people have become involuntarily unemployed with only "essential duties" allowed. So, have you been on Dollsbook more, less or just the same? This is just for an icebreaker to get the members of the Dollsbook community to get to know one another.

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  • I have been on Dollsbook less than before my government issued a Stay-at-Home order
  • I have been on Dollsbook more than before my government issued a Stay-at-Home order
  • My Dollsbook usage has remained the same as before my government issued a Stay-at-Home order
  • Other (explain in comments)

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      Kevin W9JYD
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      Hey my fellow Dollsbookers!

      Has your state, county, city or other governmental body in your QTH issued a Stay At Home order? (Like Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Louisiana and 13 others in the USA, IDK what others around the world has… I know thanks to traffic passed by @Purple95, Belgium has one too)

      Don’t be disappointed. Yeah, it’s a minimum of two weeks. Big deal.

      Yeah, I’m being optimistic.

      Because I’m finding opportunities. I’ve been blessed with a very understanding RG… one who likes Daphne Victoria @DaphneTilbrook and Vanessa Tiffany @DBIN4VMF; a roof over my head and other things (but I shan’t take them for granted)…

      I’m being optimistic. Since I am one of your friendly Dollsbook admins… it is my DUTY to keep this site safe and also to keep the members of this growing site engaged.

      Even if you want someone to talk to… I’m here. PM me. Chat with me in Dollsbook Messenger.

      We even have a Discord server. I’m letting y’all know about this because sometimes we just need a place to talk.

      Even with this stimulus package in the USA… shit… buy a new friend for your doll! (If you can. If that stimulus check is to pay for basic life necessities, take that piece of advice with a grain of Kosher Salt while hearing Alton Brown chastise you with phrases like …But that’s another show! and Your patience will be rewarded, lol… my RG is also an Alton Brown/Good Eats fan)

      And if you have an amateur radio license… I can be reached on EchoLink (PM me for my node number, or just search for my call sign {hint… you know what my call sign is, look at my user name} in the EchoLink application), or if the propagation is just right, and I’m getting a Xiegu XG-90 with MY stimulus check… Hit me up on one of the HF bands. Or I’m active on the Muncie WB9HXG and Marion/Grant County W9EBN repeaters. A good ragchew will make me feel awesome.

      So, if you’re at home because your job has been deemed “non-essential”, don’t feel bad. I’ve been unemployed for over 10 years, and 15 or so years before that. I know firsthand how boredom can creep up so fast. (I respectfully decline to explain the details. But one thing I can be proud to say: Dollsbook is practically my JOB.) But if your job is essential… your doll and Dollsbook is here for you in those down times.

      We are the World’s First Social Network for Dolls and Their Companions, and let’s take that to our advantage.

      We may have to practice social distancing in meatspace, but here, you can be as close to your friends as close as your phone and/or computer.

      And please, keep yourselves safe. This COVID-19 pandemic will soon pass. Dollsbook will remain here for you during this time of crisis and this time of peace.

      73s from Kevin H W9JYD and the rest of the Dollsbook Team Kévin @abcdef / @FineLoveDolls, @RainKing and Forums Moderator @Meso

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