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      (N.B.: Why I am the first to review Mistress Love Dolls and not @fantasticplastic is beyond me… but anyway… here’s mine, and according to the rules, it has to be my review and not his… so enough of that… because, that’s another show!)

      First off… here’s the rating: 10++. Seriously.

      The “Matchmaking” service is Mistress Love Dolls, which is, strangely, a subsidiary of Roxy Display, (more on that later).

      I got the “Anna” 135cm with head# SDH-C22. (Yes, the link is supposedly for a 125cm but you can choose either 125cm or 135cm). They’re having a sale on them. I paid $369 for her.

      The shipper was FedEx Ground from East Brunswick, NJ to Muncie, IN. They have USA stock, and there’s no customization… hence the low price.

      Communication: N/A. I ordered from Roxy Display before (their mannequins), so I had zero questions when I realized that Mistress Love Dolls is a subsidiary of Roxy Display.

      Ordering process: Freaking Easy. Just select your desired lover, “Add to cart”, checkout was a freaking breeze, too.

      Notification of completion: N/A. The only thing I got was an email with a FedEx tracking number. Since these dolls are already made and in stock in their warehouse in New Jersey… I needn’t play the waiting game…. except for waiting on FedEx.

      Shipping speed: Two days… plus one for a SNAFU that a stupid USPS letter carrier told the FedEx person that the QTH I lived at was uninhabited… WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, USPS?? You had NO right to tell FedEx that, asshole! I wanted so badly to cuss out the letter carrier and the Postmaster for that… I wish I did… but I got on the phone with FedEx instead and they resolved it. She arrived the next day.


      Securely packed… no doubt! I didn’t bother doing any unboxing photos, though. Wish I did… Oh well…

      But everything stated was included…

      • The doll’s body
      • The doll’s head
      • heating rod
      • a pack of condoms
      • a bottle of lube
      • cleaning kit
      • bag of baby powder or cornstarch (NOICE!)
      • Instruction manual (mostly in Chinese with a badly translated English version on the back… there is judicious use of the word “baby” instead of doll… IDK why)
      • “Random Wig” was exactly Daphne @daphnetilbrook standard! Hell yeah!

      And Daphne out of the box… from a JY 140 G-cup to a Mistress Love Dolls 135 B-cup(?):

      After-sale service: N/A.

      But the reason why I think Mistress Love Dolls is the bomb-dot-com is that it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roxy Display. When I made my first order to Roxy back in 2008(!), I was skeptical about them… but after my first order, a mannequin (MD-AC3F, with molded hair), I henceforth relied on them. Even the invoice for Daphne had “Roxy Display” with their address on it, and the invoice was to be billed to “Mistress Love Dolls”.

      I’m freaking impressed. That’s why she’s on my phone’s home screen!

      73 de W9JYD, y’all!

      C:\WINDOWS\System32> choco install Daphne_WM-157b -y
      Chocolatey 0.10.15
      Once a Whataburger-addicted JY, now a still Whataburger-addicted WM. She's still my JY.

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