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      I have missed a couple of members attempts to start a chat conversation bc of missing (if there is one) any indication that they were trying to start a chat session. Am I missing something or is there some way to tell when someone is trying to start a chat with me? Should there be some sort of popup or flag to show that someone is trying to chat with you? If not we could use something like that. I will gladly participate in a chat with any member while I am online and don’t want to seem like I am ignoring anyone when I miss that they are trying to.

      I just went into the chat settings and turned notifications on, will that let me know?

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      Eva L’Fleur
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      Hi Julia,


      I think how this works is this:  The iFly chat works with ONLY those who are on your friends list. Normal non- friends can’t contact you this way.

      The BP-Better messages on the other hand will actually give you a pop up in the lower Left hand corner in a pink box. if you are online. You should be able to click it there and it take you to message.  If it does not, it could be your version of FF is not wanting to play nice.

      The iFly chat will show … and then a number like (2) if you have 2 friends online at the time you are.

      Hope this helps you dearie!

      <3 Eva

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