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      Have any of you tried the Playstation Virtual Reality headset? I got one a few months ago, which also explains my lack of time for Dollsbook recently LOL. Anyway it is just about the coolest gaming experience ever. I have two Move controllers with the pistol thingies the controller fits in and wielding two guns in several of the shooting gallery games I have is very immersive and very awesome. I also just got an Aim controller which feels like carrying a sub-machine gun two handed and for moving and shooting games it is super fun too. The main reason I wanted one is to use with my Logitech G-29 steering wheel, pedals and shifter setup in driving games and it is the most realistic driving simulation I have ever experienced. Gran Turismo and Drive Club are the two driving VR games I have and both are truly amazing to play in VR. Gun Club and Lethal are the shooting gallery games and I just started on Farpoint and Bravo Team an alien shooter and a traditional shooter that let you move around the map and kill lots of aliens and bad guys with the awesome Aim controller. I am super impressed with the visual quality and capability of the PSVR and look forward to more VR content becoming available.

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      I have not had a chance to see the PSVR or Occulus, or HTC yet. RIght now they are a bit out of my range price wise for the tech (on the PC side) but a friend of mine has a PSVR and its amazing his says. I have not had a chance to go check it out yet. My other buddy tried to play Resident Evil and had to take it off cos it was a little too scary he said. Sounds like a great time tho in my op-ed!

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