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      I did a lot of researching before deciding to purchase something that cost this much. I am a Boudoir Photographer and especially during time of covid it is hard to find models to shoot. I have always thought having one of these realistic looking dolls would be great to have on hand to shoot whenever i wanted. So here’s what happened…Ok so update. When we ordered our doll we got a free extra head to pick….ordered some extra wigs and such also. Our doll as you know came damaged. So they sent us a replacement and did not ask for the old doll to be returned because they said we should find a way to get rid of her which we were going to do. Well the replacement doll came and instead of having the new skin we just did the regular because they said its more durable especially during transit. She came all in good order. So what i did was ordered the TPE glue which isn’t actually glue it breaks down the tpe and when you put the edges together it reforms as a new piece. So i will be stuffing the ripped breast with cotton balls and gluing it back together. Now we will have 2 dolls and its awesome that we got an extra head and wigs so we are able to make 2 fulls dolls for the price of one and some surgical repairs lol. I haven’t done it yet but im sure it will go great. It took 2 days to clean the gel off of the damaged one and it was such a pain in the ass we almost gave up but my wife is persistent and she finally came clean. Now i will have 2 dolls for my photography to make even more looks.

      The seller was always polite and willing to take a phone call to get everything sorted out and assure me of any fears i had since it does take quite a long time to get your doll and can be even longer to get something as simple as clothing accessories from the site too. He takes the orders but they are still sent from the factory in China…he even has been there a few times to check out the factory and to make sure the company is on the up and up. These dolls are not the cheap knock offs that you find elsewhere. We also payed a pretty penny for her also. I think with the doll, extra free head, accessories such as wigs and stuff and we also purchased the heavy duty flight case….all in all when said and done it came to about $3000.00

      When it came damaged i reached out to him and he took care of everything, he was disappointed himself and said that quite a few (like 6 orders) had the same problem with the “new skin” and he said he would not be taking any orders for this new skin doll anymore because of this problem. The new replacement doll came with no problems and in about 2 weeks time. The original damaged doll took about 2 months to get here….the replacement had a rush put onto it due to the situation.

      Only thing is we purchased this at a time when my wifes kid was away for awhile and we would have had enough time to get a few shoots in but because of the problem it took longer….so now we have to wait for the best opportunities to pull her out and do some shooting which we haven’t had yet. But i cant wait.

      So if your looking for a reputable seller i would suggest this one….

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