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      Got a strange message through this page from a member called Marian who said she was working with united nation ha ha … any more who have got these emails. 😊


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      Isabella Dollicious
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      Yes I got the same msg as you did. Everybody did… This account was registered and on the same day unlocked the 1st Order Storm Trooper achievement (send 50 msgs) so it looks like spam.

      I was curious though and sent her an email asking what she wanted, (see attachments)

      She is talking about an lucrative undertaking… Highly likely this is a scam but I’m gonna send her another email and hear her out.. I’m curious lol

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      She is talking about an lucrative undertaking… Highly likely this is a scam but I’m gonna send her another email and hear her out.. I’m curious lol


      A person signs up to a doll forum. An treats it like a dating site.?? Probably a rival forum posted dollsbook somewhere for the thugs to come and bother people. Esp. sending messages site wide gives the glaring hint.

      I got the PM too. I did not reply.


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      L-O-L , is 4chan targeting us ? (joke)

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      Yeah, thats what i was thinking also but i really dont get how dumb these people are when they in this case wrote they worked for the United Nation ha ha …


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      Kevin W9JYD
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      I got the same message. @dbevadmin and I were talking on the phone about it, and she and I decided to delete her account.

      Now the 4chan/rival forum/whatever accusations… let’s not go there. Let’s not throw stones at glass houses… yet. The IP said “Marian” was logging in from Senegal, a hotbed of scam activity. The “lucrative offer” text I ran through Google… it’s a rehash of the classic Nigerian 419 scam. So, @l4zlo, I suggest you cut all ties with this person immediately. You just opened Pandora’s box, and now you will be in deep trouble (in many ways) if you continue, even if it’s to string this person along. Report the email to Google as spam.

      And as @luludoll did her homework… those pictures are lifted from somewhere. (Google Images is your friend, people!) This “Marian” isn’t who she alleges to be. The email (and the messages almost all of us got) is full of grammatical errors. No person allegedly born in Lexington, Kentucky has awful English syntax like that.

      Please, for the sake of everyone’s sanity… DO NOT EMAIL THIS PERSON! If you have got the PM, just delete it. The person has been banned from Dollsbook and Eva and I will keep an eye out for any further signups from any more suspicious persons like “Marian.”

      And the idea of this person thinking that this is like Tindr, PoF, or whatever, but for dolls… that’s a possibility. People who scam dating sites have a tendency to mass-send messages like that, to take all correspondence off the platform. The advice given by those platforms is to reply through their service; because any member who sends an unsolicited message for a hookup with a request to email is a scam. Remember the old saying: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

      Just keep doin’ what y’all are doin’ already: Make Dollsbook Great! 

      That is all. We DB admins are fully aware of it, and are on guard to prevent any more incidents like this. We have our dolls. We are happy with them. These people are evil. I got snagged on this shit a few years ago on Facebook, from some bitch in Brazil (if it was for real… IDK), who wanted me to get rid of my dolls. They want you to, then make promises to meet you in your country… then beg like mad for money because of a “snafu” that is preventing them to get on that plane (all bullshit). I had to have a good friend give me a “wake up call” to tell me to block that bitch. My life improved afterwards, when I realized she wasn’t for real.


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      Dutch Dance Maniac
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      Also received a message from that person …

      Ignore that shit ………. Sad characters who have nothing to do and think they can make money quickly with blackmail ……..
      I sometimes get such messages via e-mail…..  Spam folder loves that kind of shit emails….. hahaha.


      However Unreal This May Be, We Are Connected.... You And I.
      We Are On The Same Curve, Point Of All Is:
      We Share The Same Secret .... We Love Our Doll (s) And Our LifeStyle.
      That Makes Us Who We Really Are....... Pure, Loving and Caring...... Welcome Into Our World.

      Life Is Like A Never Ending Dance, Let The Music Play !!!

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