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      Well Tracie is the first victim here of clothing color transfer staining. She was wearing a black satin robe and lying on her side. The pressure points are where the staining occurred. Poor girl looks like a victim of domestic abuse all bruised and beaten. Julia wore the same robe for a long time and we had no problems. Kind of proves the point that some TPE is more prone to stains also Tracie is newer and her skin does tend to exude more oils and I think that makes the potential for color transfer much higher. Once the excess oil is finally released and some sort of balance achieved between cleaning , oiling and powdering I think the chances of color transfer will go down.  If the skin is not over oiled and is powdered I think the powder actually helps prevent color transfer stains. IDK if this is actually true but I think it makes sense.

      Back on topic, I bought some Arm and Hammer Peroxicare toothpaste that has both peroxide and baking soda to try on the staining to see how effective it will be. Took some before photos of the worst staining and then liberally applied the toothpaste to the affected areas. I will be updating this post as time passes to show what progress is being made. The little specks you see are still from glitter that was on some Christmas ribbons we used as costumes in our Christmas photos. You just can’t get rid of it.

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      Toothpaste will work. It may take many applications of it to lift it out. It will definitely help fade it.

      There was an old post on TDF, before Indigo’s *yawn* posts existed, that the stain remover that came with dolls, was nothing more than toothpaste. Minty smell, etc…  Coincidences? you’ll find out. I am remaining positive for you. LuAnne had a stain on her arm that was a grey/blue, and 2 applications of the peroxide/baking soda toothpaste faded it considerably, and it is now her normal skin tone.

      Rainy said it worked for Eva too @dbevadmin

      I had posted on the Polly Parrot Forum that saturation of oils regardless of baby oils, mineral, etc. may just invite stains. Since I had stopped oiling LuAnne, had left her in a blue dress for over a month. Nothing. No stains.

      Jeff @ BCD had asked me where the science is to my post.

      Science.  Ok, since TPE is similar to a sponge, and porous, it will absorb oils, and those oils mixed with dyes from fabric can intermingle, giving us the transfer of the dye to dolly.

      If the surface of doll is semi-dry with a buffer of powder, it will help slow the transfer down. Doll skin is not like ours :0 So it is more tacky 🙂

      Ok, what types of fabrics? excellent question! Polyester is a plastic 🙂 There is a serious reason dolly will want those types of clothes washed. Esp. new. There are all sorts of chemicals used in manufacture of polyesters, we are surrounded by rings of benzene, so there is no point in worrying too much about that stuff.  Polyesters

      Always good to take note of what she was wearing that stained for further reference.

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      One week of the toothpaste treatment and stains are visibly lighter. Just like a real bruise on delicate skin it will take a while to fade and as they say time will heal all wounds.

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