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      (Admin) RainKing (On Sabbatical)
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      Oh Guys n Dolls, which do you think I should give Ezeri for hair style??


      Here are several poses of her.. Her first time here. She borrowed some of Jamine’s clothes for the moment but she rarely parts with her blade.

      As you can see, i was trying to be naughty and she did NOT like it.. She told me she was going to cut me!! I had to hold her hand until she calmed down!

      Not going to do that again!!!


      First the Long Blonde Silver as I call it

      Then, The Real Girl hair (Eva said she would share)

      The The curls Galore

      The Streaks (Highlights)

      The White Widow


      Yeah never try and cop a pic during wardrobe malfunction…. Not with this elf!!


      note to all, please get yourself a can of static-gard.. Will work wonders.. wished I had one for these shoots!!



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      (Mayor) Julia Jameson
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      Ezri is a total cutie! Such a pretty face and those lips omg! All of her many hairstyles look great but to me the white widow wig with its silvery sheen seems to fit her best. Wardrobe malfunction HAHA that’s great, also known as a nip slip HAHA!

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      I like the curly one  a lot!! Careful with those knives!!

      Static Gard?  I give LuAnne a pinch on her cheek (not her bum) 🙂 and was surprised to see ESD… ZaP??? lol


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      (Admin) RainKing (On Sabbatical)
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      yeah you guys picked my 2 faves too.

      I think the first one is just too poor of quality to use… i mean geeze i fooled with it and all the fly always suck cos of the static electricity.

      That’s why i said static gard spray is nice to have

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      Allie and Gretchen
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      Very nice! Without a doubt, Curls Galore.😀


      Allie WM 157B
      Gretchen 6YE 161C

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      The white widow is a nice wig too 🙂


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