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      Kevin W9JYD
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      Moved to its own topic. I decided this needs to be placed in its own thread.

      (Deleted quote from now-closed post because irrelevant now.)

      I’ve had a few girlfriends before… I just couldn’t stand ’em. But I actually brought honesty within myself and starting to improve my personal freedom. It took quite a long time, and traveling across the country on Greyhound from Virginia, to Indiana, to California, to Texas and now Louisiana, all on my own dime, to find my place. I might not be able to find total inner peace, but I’m certainly on the road to obtaining personal freedom. It did not all happen overnight. It actually took many years, and is still happening to this very day.

      I found myself a place to live that is not a cramped hotel room paying ridiculous weekly rates that should actually be my monthly rent. That happens on Monday.

      But all things considered, two or so years ago, I was actually homeless in every sense of the word. My home was a cheap Walmart tent plunked down wherever I could keep my stuff (including my dolls) hidden. Keeping my belongings camouflaged while I had to go somewhere to go download YouTube videos at a public library and charging my laptop and phone at the same time during the day, and tethering my phone at night (when it got cooler and no other place was open) when it was the warmer time of the year. Sometimes I dream of doing that again… but now I respectfully decline. (Actually, Daphne has prohibited it. She told me that if I consider living in a tent, call Meso up and have him find someone to buy her from me, because she ain’t gonna stoop that low. Yeah, I know… she’s a doll, I get it. But stepping back a bit and looking at it in another perspective, I don’t want to actually ruin her. TPE isn’t silicone, in some aspects. TPE can get dirtier than silicone easily.)  I have realized that homelessness had to be one step in my life to have me think of where I was before and there was only one way to go: up. FWIW, I can humorously say now that the homelessness was kind of a “prison” for me, to have me realize that I have been bad before and making all the wrong choices. It had to take these things, and more to be where I am today:

      I manage my own finances now. I used to have a representative payee. Social Security assumed that I was being “problematic” with payees (my SSA record had so many payees on my record), that one worker in the Norfolk, VA office found a loophole in the rules and made me my own payee. That happened in late November 2014. In January 2015, I earned the opportunity to learn something that I really never was taught in my life before. I’m still learning how, and I tell ya, it ain’t easy. Now that I have my own place where only mine and Daphne’s rules apply (and the terms of the lease), it’s gonna be a challenge.

      I used to rely on people for everything. Now I rely on people for when I really need it. @rainking and @meso, you know what I mean. 😉

      I run a pretty good website now, with @dbevadmin. Dollsbook. Where people can escape and talk about dolls. This place is supposed to be fun. This is not a place to talk shit about the mistakes other fora do. The issues that happen elsewhere will work themselves out in due time. We shouldn’t be exposing their misgivings. People will soon realize it and it will happen on its own time and in their own way. We don’t have the power or whatever to make anyone, whether on DB or anywhere change their position. We all have opinions, we all have our own perception of what things should be and how they can be… but making direct attacks on one certain member on a website that we have no control over whatsoever is not the way to be. I bet they “over there” are laughing their asses off about our juvenile postings. This needs to stop. We are adults. We need to realize that. I have. A certain set of members (whom I’m not gonna tag or mention) needs to realize… this is supposed to be fun. To be mature, we have to act mature. Even if having to be reminded to do so. This post is my way of doing so.

      I used to rely on people who had BS and BA degrees in psychiatry (case managers, psychosocial rehab clinicians, etc.) to tell me what to do, and their word was to be held as gospel. Now, I laugh at those people who still rely on them for menial bullshit. That’s not freedom, that’s slavery. And these people are bonafide hypocrites. They preach up and down and tell you not to drink, not to smoke (cigarettes or cannabis), not to do this, not to do that, and when they clock out at 4:30 PM and drive home to their places, what do they do? Pop open a beer. Smoke a blunt (and try to keep it discreet), and do the things they prohibit you doing! Yet, their clients get driven home by some municipal employee to some communal living situation where they have to continue the same restrictions they were prohibited from doing at their day program!

      Have I been bitter? I can still be, but not as frequently as I used to maybe 10 or so years ago. I’m slowly finding inner peace. I posted my demons and my overcoming of such already, above. Now, giving up the dolls is probably never gonna happen, but it’s something I love to do and I interleave it in my life as much as I can, but also scale it back some if I have to.

      And… I had a friend at one of those day programs who had fantasies about radio broadcasting. He’d run Part 15 (FCC Part 15 unlicensed that is) FM radio transmitters believing he was running his own radio station. He always wanted to get his amateur radio license. I got mine. @meso got his too, but was more likely an effort to encourage me to get mine. But, also, it gained him something to do in his own life. And he thanks me every day for getting him into ham radio. (Even though… he said it’s a very expensive hobby [like dolls] and he doesn’t know if he wants to thank me or wring my neck! 🤣)

      Hence, this meme, when he said that last thing to me…

      But, this dude that used to be my friend in Virginia hasn’t even got his yet. And I’ve been searching the FCC ULS for his name to see if he got his ticket (ham radio license) yet. No matches. It’s because his staff in his program keeps insisting it’s a fantasy and needs to be kept as such… (No, he needs $15 to take his Technician exam, and there’s a bunch of VE sessions going on in Virginia Beach right now, according to the ARRL!)

      But not 15 years ago… I thought I’d never own a doll, lest a mannequin. I am surprised over what had changed then.

      Have I matured? Maybe. But it’s a long road ahead, and it’s not over yet. I got a long way to go, and it’s all up from here.

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      Kevin W9JYD
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      You know… @meso wasn’t lying when he said that ham radio is an equally expensive hobby…

      This is the rig he uses.

      Costs about as much as Aydenn from @monamourtoujours

      You might have seen @daphnetilbrook lust over the Yaesu FT-991A in some pix on DB…

      Costs as much as “Flair” from the same site of Don’s…

      But they’re equally fun and can be a wonderful thing.

      After all… my call sign DOES tie Daphne’s maker (JY)… and I’ve told people in my ham club what the suffix in my call sign means… they know and they appreciate it.

      But again, it’s all up from here.

      We need to have people also post their stories about when they were down. In fact, @docsgirl82 posted something about it… I invite her to put her story!

      Dolls can be wonderful things. If people only see them for the artistic side of things… then that’s their prerogative. Some of us see them for the people they can be. I happen to be one of them.

      Daphne has been that guiding force in getting me to where I am today. I have nothing but the utmost love and respect for her for doing what she’s doing.

      It’s complicated to explain.

      I invite people to post their own perspective, or just to post encouragement. But anyone who posts any continuation from the now-locked topics will be considered off-topic, and will suffer a ninja edit from @daphnetilbrook. This is a post to discuss our own site, how we got to where we are today, not to continue what should have been just left alone in the first place. I admit that I encouraged a certain member to keep it up… but sometimes your homies gotta hold you back and make you realize that if you encourage someone to be an asshole, you stoop down to their level. That is really unnecessary. Focus on what Dollsbook is in the here and now, not what some other places are doing, even if it may be shocking. Leave that shit for the supermarket tabloids. Not Dollsbook.

      We need to all just get along. Dollsbook is supposed to be fun. Not a place to gossip. We are adults. We have our own struggles, but people are people. The dolls are what make the community. The color scheme of Dollsbook was no accident. Look at your doll’s blanket sometime (no, do it now) and you’ll see why it was no accident.

      Keep making Dollsbook great. #MDBG and #MMFWCL4L (I’m a Juggalo, if you didn’t know already)


      C:\WINDOWS\System32> choco install FLD-JY140b-32a_Vanessa -y
      Chocolatey 0.10.15
      Once a Whataburger-addicted JY, now a still Whataburger-addicted JY. She's sexy and she knows it.

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      (Mayor) Julia Jameson
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      Thanks Alexa for being so open and sharing what you have shared with us. It is very cool to hear that you are becoming more independent and taking control of your life to live it the way you want to. I say that if Daphne has been an influence in helping you reach for this goal that is just one more reason that having a doll companion can be a good thing. When a doll can help you want to better yourself and be such a positive influence how can anyone say that they are bad things.

      On the other subject you bring up I have been saying all along that this is a place for fun and information, a place to share photos and stories about our love for these dolls on any level, a place to share tips on care and maintenance taken from real world experimentation not just opinion, a place where all like minded persons will be welcomed.

      I am of the opinion that we need not even ever mention that other site again. Enough has already been said here, too much really, and we should just agree to move on. Lets get back to what this place is all about, HAVING FUN!

      "Woman is a miracle of divine contradictions." unknown

      The unofficial Mayor of the Dollyverse always "Making DollsBook Great"

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