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      Just some basic info on TPE adhesive. But it applies to all glues I suppose.

      This is info you will not find easily on any other doll forum. Possibly no one has asked or truly considers it. But it is important when discussing glues.



      This is my blend of SEBS TPE. It’s about as soft as any TPE I’ve felt. It is a shore D type, which when melted on it’s own is quite firm and tight.

      To get it to a shore A or better mineral oil is added to soften. Adding too much does weaken the material and it’s tensile strength is very limited. But oil compatibility plays a role as well.

      The glue I’d used was 2 types. In the center a clear/pellet mix was used. On the edges a white pellet was used to fill in the gaps on the edges. The trick is getting both mating surfaces evenly coated. This is a fairly large area to cover, so it may have not have been perfect. It took approx. 50 pounds pressure to pull these apart MORE than enough for doll TPE

      Cohesive failure is what we want. The material fails, rather than the adhesive. So you can see where it was quite strong.

      This is used with Xylene or Toluene. I cannot remember now LOL. But do you see any real damage by solvent? This is SEBS TPE and is much more resistant to solvents, etc.

      Probably as they make dolls from SBS TPE for the most part, this is why it is less resistant to solvents.  One supplier states SBS is more expensive than SEBS while another states it’s cheaper LOL

      Who is right? Guess it may depend on their profit margins, as well as it’s actual contents of the polymer. <— what I was told.

      21st century corporate confusion for the masses.  LOL

      There is no magic as some may have you believe… I see some posts from people saying Indy’s Diffusion Adhesive is the best when they don’t have a clue what they are using or trying to sell for that guy…. claiming it is NOT a solvent… LOL maybe not, but it is a mixture of solvents 🙂

      trade secrets, yeah right!


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      Reading an old post(s) of “Who uses Xylene” 🙂 and reactions by a “recognized authority”.

      First off you run a business, so  is it wise to get angry with potential customers? It’s all eye rolling amusing fun to me reading this so called “authority” and his lack of actual facts. See any references to external articles?, or demonstrations performed by him? To back up any claims presented? No! Anything that is actual scientific evidence is not included. It’s all coming from him as source!!  Without any demonstrations of anything. Any student knows they’ll not graduate college, if they do not provide facts or in depth information about their research. Their instructors are not going to take their word for it to give them a grade other than a big F!!

      Info I’ve found states the term “attack” not “destroy” when talking polymers. Chains of polymers re-unite. It works the same as with solvent as it does with heat. here: Thoughts on Thermoplastic Elastomers

      They mention heat more than solvent in the article, but I’ve seen same results with both. You are welcome to try it all. I have no reason to get mad at you, unlike an “authority” would.

      Claiming DH/DS or whatever the fuck is special material, blah blah blah… The bias shows clearly in this “authority’s” attitude.

      Using the term “dissolves” as statement with “destroy”???  Non polar solvent – Non polar TPE, Like dissolves like.

      Maybe he is confusing Styrofoam with Styrene??  LOL

      Anyway I just want to point out that this vendor or “recognized authority” does not provide any facts in the way facts are supposed to be present. Sure, you can buy his stuff. But is there any sort of guarantee it will work for you? No!! so maybe he just ought not be so pig headed and claim he is an authority, when a manufacturer will not give their “blend” info to small time vendors. why should they trust him?

      I’ve made a shitload of paste/adhesive, and I’ve figured it out for the most part. But anyone can improve upon it all.

      It has helped me without having to support an angry bull headed meathead who offers no undeniable proof of anything.

      Many people are doing it, and report no problems using hardware store stuff.  But guys like him are not worth associating with. Or entering discussion with him. He knows everything, we  know nothing. not likely. Just ego is all.

      have a read, and see the attitude: Bullshit Baffles Brains


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