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    So here I try a bit of the new forum after a hard day of work.


    I dont know why, but in May 2018 I stumbled onto the doll world. Soon enough I found the photoshoot of mandos of the wm157b with head 159 and 162. At that particular moment, I was stunned. Faith made that all the moon where align to gave me the monetary level to buy one. So for 2 weeks I checked all dolls possible, endless possibility, a wide range of nice girl, I was loving it. Acknowledging, ‘at the moment’, the higher price of the wm157b, I stuck with my first pick. My heart was torn between head 159 and 162, such a hard choice. I then choose the girl that seemed more casual over sexual. She will become , in theory, my synthetic girlfriend after all. head 159.

    Then I contacted wmdollcanada/go-m-doll…. and mehhhh , at first the guy was willing to sell me one, but when I started to ask question about shrugging shoulder and standing feet he became very vague at a point where he told me he was not selling doll anymore to people like me but only to sexshop and that I should check with my local sex shop (ultra bullshit gone havoc)… That evening crushed me.

    With all my tears, I found a rather ‘prehistorical’ shop on the web name ‘’. Jeff was really king to answer all my question and worry. Always patient, even when I was telling him that I was checking with MAT and silverdoll. So I told him what was my budget at the time and he came back with a raisonnable offer with ALL the option and I pulled the trigger.

    After a month of waiting and some teeth grinding moment ( and Jeff telling me all was alright) I received a mail from fedex that my package was in my area and ready for pickup. This was on a morning day and I was at work programming cnc machine at my desk ( semi retired machinist). I was all fucked up, shaking and on the verge to cry for know why. That evening, after work, I got to fedex as fast as I could to pick up my girl and….


    We live happily together 🙂 She’s a bless



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    I remember your post about GO-M saying he only sell to sex shop… I believe they were in Quebec too.

    Some like BCD, some don’t. That’s the way business is. Cannot please everyone 100% of the time.

    But great to know you came out happy in all of it. Great looking doll too!!


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    Eva L’Fleur
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    I am so happy that you found her. I remember all the questions you asked Rainy and me. We are glad to have been of help to you!



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    Thx RGC and Eva! Yes tell Rain he helped me a lot 🙂 I’m very grateful !

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