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    This is my vendor experience with my first purchase.

    Mon Amours Toujours. Owner, Don Delano Location: USA based in Florida.


    I had a hell of a time deciding on which to pick at first. Was looking very hard at a 140 cm JY “Bianca” and I even contacted Alexa Tilbrook to ask about her. I got back a lot of good info on her and some at home photos.  My only thing was she was so “short” and I was really leery of what if she was found, would I she be mistaken for a “kiddie doll?”  Well, that was then, this Is now. I can say a 140 cm with G cups in NOT a kiddie doll. I emailed Don the owner several times and we developed a rapport, and he gave me a lot of details as well on the process and such.

    I was still browsing around and found a WM 157B named Trinity!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! That’s the one!!!! I was not exactly fond of the face and asked if I could switch it out which I was told “Yes.”

    I settled on #31 (labeled by most US standards)

    After a few more emails. I placed the order on or about March 2nd, 2018.

    The Wait began…. I took this time to learn all I could about care and feeding.

    Somewhere around March 16th I sent Don and email fully anticipating “we have not heard anything yet” back.  But to my surprise I got a reply with my Factory Proofs!!! With a note attached – “Oh I must check my email more often! These arrived last night, you should have your tracking info in a few days.”- Don

    Well, I was at work and I had to run to the back of the parts room to get a look…. I was like a kid on sugar the rest of the day!!  Then later that day I got my tracking info from FedEx!!

    Oh, the needles and pins went deeper!!

    SO, after many sleepless nights, the day finally arrived.

    I took off ½ a day from work to greet her.  I was a little shocked and dismayed that I missed her by 10 minutes. I then got in m y vehicle and started searching the town for the FedEx truck!  After a couple loops, I spotted the big white van at the local hospital!! I got out and waited for the FedEx driver to come out. I then asked if there was a package for me. She said, “yes, its pretty heavy too.” So, I took delivery of Eva at the local hospital!!

    I got her home and opened the box, made an unboxing video, which was quite un-professional, and then proceeded to be amazed at the doll.  I took a few quick after setting up photos and was completely amazed.

    I had a couple issues later, mainly due to my lack of experience like ruined makeup, and broken fingers, which Don was very patient in helping me work out and provided me a means to repair her finger.

    But that is another story

    I have learned a bit about make-up redos and finger repairs.  I just need to break the laws of physics to keep them together!

    I can say that I was very happy with my service from Mon Amours Toujours.

    Here is a link to The Site:

    Mon Amours Toujours




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    Yes Rainy was very excited in his unboxing of Eva. His unboxing video was nicely done.

    Kid at Christmas excitement!!!!



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    Don Delano- Mon Amour Toujours
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    Thanks for the great review R.K.! Eva is sooo beautiful! You’re a lucky guy 😉

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    Hey Don!! You know I have been so busy trying to help get this place off the ground i kinda went into a hole!! I hadn’t forgotten about ya. Glad you came to see us


    There you got guys n dolls,  My Match maker is here 🙂

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