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Amy bails & WhannaMarie joins the Army

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      My Amy decided it was time to move on in her life, which was fine; everyone gets to choose their own destiny. Poor WhannaMarie though felt lonely without her sister, so went and joined the Army. I’ve nothing against the Army, but why not the Navy?? After boot camp and Airborne Ranger jump school she’ll be stationed in Georgia for a while (that is until her unit goes overseas). I know only a couple of you here know these two ladies, but needed to share because WhannaMarie’s leaving was sudden, and not without some pain from both my wife and I.

      So now it’s just Mia left which my wife and I are giving extra care and attention to so she won’t feel depressed. I fixed her eyelashes and my RG wife and I are looking for summer clothes for her to cheer her up (we’re all feeling the loss). Anyway, thanks for reading.

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