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Texas Talk Y’All!

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      “I may not have been born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could.” is a well-known saying in the republic of Texas, and since all our dolls (men and women) come from out yonder, I thought I’d create this area for any to share Texas idiosyncrasies to help teach them how to talk, how to act, and why. Please feel free to partake by commenting and/or adding to the list and conversations.

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      Y’all: addressing one to about eight people.

      All y’all: addressing a small crowd, large crowd, or a very large number of people.

      Lonestar, Lonestar state: Texas, but in particular the Texas flag which has one lone star in a field of blue with red and white dividing the rest of the flag. Texas is the only state in the union that is a state via a treaty which enable its flag to be flown at the same level as the USA flag if flown on a separate flag pole.

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      Mrs. Vicki Lawson-Havens DBIN9JYD
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      Whataburger: The only burger joint you should eat at. Ever. 

      Kevvie W9JYD @ki5jyd and I used to live in Texas, so we know.

      But on another note…

      If so, WHY U NO HAVE WHATABURGER IN MUNCIE??? Indiana is right next door to Illinois…

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        Kevin W9JYD
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        Even Stan Lee approves:


        C:\WINDOWS\System32> choco install FLD-JY140b-32a_Vanessa -y
        Chocolatey 0.10.15
        Once a Whataburger-addicted JY, now a still Whataburger-addicted JY. She's sexy and she knows it.

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