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Looking for doll enthousiasts to develop the best doll on the market.

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      We have launched several new models during the past months and we have received a lot of positive feedback. However, we think we can do better.

      Therefore we have had discussed the demands with Dutch Dance Maniac and we concluded that the best way to create the best dolls on the market, is to start manufacturing several models in the Netherlands.

      The idea is to produce dolls with at least the same quality, durability and realism as the current top quality dolls. The price should be approximately 20% lower and the service and guarantee level should be according to European standards.

      We cannot do this on our own and therefore we are looking for genuine doll enthousiasts that can help us with:

      • Material selection (best possible TPE)
      • Skeleton design
      • 3d design
      • Photography

      It doesn’t matter in which country you live.

      If you would like to help us, or if you know somebody who can help us in one of these fields, let us know! Our goal is to start this project before April and produce the first dolls in June.

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      Isabella Dollicious
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      Count me in, I’d love to be involved, always good to help out a fellow Dutchman

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      Dutch Dance Maniac
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      Count me in, I’d love to be involved, always good to help out a fellow Dutchman

      Thank you Isabella.

      Hope  LuluDoll will also become part off our team.  He an expert in TPE materialls.

      I myself will do the photo work becouse that’s the best i can……… But i need help with making banners and gifs from the dutchdolls in the future for marketing purposes.  So with other words i need a team member to assist with graphic creations.

      However Unreal This May Be, We Are Connected.... You And I.
      We Are On The Same Curve, Point Of All Is:
      We Share The Same Secret .... We Love Our Doll (s) And Our LifeStyle.
      That Makes Us Who We Really Are....... Pure, Loving and Caring...... Welcome Into Our World.

      Life Is Like A Never Ending Dance, Let The Music Play !!!

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      Eva L’Fleur (On Sabbatical)
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      Greetings @Dutchdoll,

      I would like to thank you for asking for input on the creation of a doll! Brilliant.

      That’s Listening to your base there!!


      <3 Eva

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      Nice to see your positive reactions! I am sure we can create something really beautiful together! I will try to make a private group and invite the ones interested 🙂

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      Kevin W9JYD
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      Kinda late… but count me in too! I ain’t much of the artistic type… but input from doll owners like me and others would be awesome!

      73, KI5JYD

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        You are more than welcome! Looking forward to collaborate with all of you!

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      Hope LuluDoll will also become part off our team. He an expert in TPE materialls.

      Humbly I will say I am far from an expert in any of this. The science behind plastics is complex to say the least. There could be up to 300 type of plasticizers used in the plastics industry, so compounders have the task of choosing the proper, compatible materials to make the best product with cost effective ways.

      I’ve learned a lot by experiments with TPE.  and by reading books on the subject of polymers. Sometimes I’m wrong and sometimes others are wrong 🙂 It all balances out.

      Making a doll is not just melting plastic and pouring in a mold. The chemistry behind it is vast. And since many manufacturer have worked very hard perfecting their blends, it is doubtful they’d share the blend too freely.

      There is a lot of paraffinic oils used for soft TPE’s. They’ve had to overcome mixing issues with blends that contain high amounts of oils. (Machinery issues)


      If a doll manufacturer can learn from the mistakes made from post production defects or flaws from all brands, whether they be an underdog maker or a highly popular brand, they could lead the way in producing a winning line of products.

      Vagina tears are a concern mostly, and there are frequent issues with that. Designing them to be more durable in that respect will be challenging for a very soft TPE blend.


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      Eva L’Fleur (On Sabbatical)
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      Nice to see your positive reactions! I am sure we can create something really beautiful together! I will try to make a private group and invite the ones interested 🙂

        Sure thing, if you have a problem creating or such, please PM me with the details and I can set it up for you and make you admin. I do not for see any issues.


      I tell you I think this is pretty amazing, when we created dollsbook, we were sorta looking to emulate the “big blue book” that is so famous and infamous. But seeing things like this already tells the world that this is a special place!

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