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Are You Ready To Rock!

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      For those of you who have been following the RMDMTV updates I have some not so good news, some good news and some great news…

      Not so good news

      After seeing the footage shot by the Galaxy Global Network Television crew I decided to halt current production, I just didn’t feel it was of the quality I wanted to put my name on nor did I feel it would represent the AFM/doll community well. This therefore means the project is delayed till the last quarter of this year. In the mean time…

      The good news

      As executive producer of the show I have made the decision to do the filming of at least the first two episodes myself. This gives me complete control over direction, creative content and production quality. I’m very excited to take on this role, this way I will be assured the quality and standards of the production will be of that of what I feel best represents the community and my business.

      The great news

      Next month I will begin doing small promotions, these will be mini episodes of RMDMTV which will feature new RMDMTV models introducing some of the music that will be featured on the show. Additionally there will be a line of RMDMTV merchandise available. Right now the merchandise includes a variety of T-shirts, tanks and bumper stickers. Here is what the shirt design will look like:

      Front Design

      Back Design


      These are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors for your models as well as yourself! Once the merchandise is available (April 2020) I will post it on the MAT Products store front. I would love for everyone to get involved with this project. If you purchase a shirt for you and or your model send a picture to me of your model wearing the shirt and I will post them on all RMDMTV and MAT social media and feature some of them on the show- this will be a great way to show your lovely ladies off to the world wearing their own RMDMTV top! I think this will be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to taking RMDMTV to the next level.

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      Those are awesome!

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      Don Delano- Mon Amour Toujours
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      Thanks! I’ll keep you posted on when their available.

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