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Guilty Feelings

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      Don Delano- Mon Amour Toujours
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      The past month and a half have been really busy for me. I’ve been feeling guilty that I haven’t been on DB for such a long time. Lot’s of great things happening though. Here’s some of the things I can share with you:

      1. I’ve added a new line on the MAT store front. AF Doll is now available. I’ll be the first US vendor to work directly with the AF Doll factory. I’m pretty excited to have them available to MAT clients.

      2. I’ve recently added two videos one on lifting your doll and another about cleaning. Please let me know what your thoughts are about these videos. I would really like your feedback.

      3. In my new videos I introduce Tiffany a 3X Doll. 3X Doll contacted me in Dec. I’m contacted by new manufacturers almost daily. There was something about 3X that I felt was worth giving them a chance, they answered all of my questions and were sincerely interested in making changes to their site and products to present themselves as a serious manufacturer. I’ve been working with them very closely offering suggestions and ideas and they have been very receptive. I’ll be doing a photo shoot with Tiffany as well as a review video. So far I like what I’m seeing. 3X has a good quality doll and a reasonable price. I know DB is open to my sharing information about 3X so keep an eye out for further updates.

      4. Have you seen the new DH 168 line? Last month DH introduced the DH 168 2019 series. This new line features standard EVO skeleton and have Japanese anime features along with the superb quality you would expect from DH 168. DH 168 has also updated options across all of their brands- Doll 4Ever and the 2019 Series.

      5. Several new brands will be available soon- Sanhui, Sinodoll (from Z One) and AXB. You might be familiar with Sanhui and Sinodoll, I’m happy to finally have these silicone brands available to you. AXB is an excellent quality doll marketed in Japan. I had them available when I first established MAT. Early 2018 my source could no longer get AXB Doll. I was very disappointed because the smaller dolls were very popular. I now deal directly with the AXB factory and will be the only US vendor to offer their products to clients. Even though most of the AXB line are smaller dolls they do have some amazing 130cm, 140cm and 165cm ladies.

      6. If it’s been awhile since you’ve visited, since the beginning of Dec. 2018 I’ve added well over 100 new ladies not including those mentioned above. This week I’ll be adding quite a few more to the YL, AF and 6YE collections. I believe this makes me the vendor with the largest online selection. Take your time browsing you certainly don’t want to miss any of the new ladies!

      This is exclusive news to DB members and not yet shared with other forums; with the exception of the AF Doll announcement. I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated as best I can. Thanks for reading!


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      Kevin W9JYD
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      Well, Don, this is AWESOME news!

      And thanks for the first dibs on what you’re offering. I’m about to go break open a new tab and check it out.

      73s de KI5JYD, Daphne and (soon) Tiffany (@tiffholland)


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      Eva L’Fleur (On Sabbatical)
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      Don, That Is Really Exciting News!

      I do have one question for sure… I noticed that the photo wig does not appear to be in the list.

      I have not found this particular style in this color online. Can they offer the wig Ciera is wearing?

      I fixed your links as well, now they should open in a new tab.  so if there is a question that needs posting here the viewer will not have to back track.  IIRC Sinodoll is a higher end of a Z-One? And we all know Sanhui is very nice.

      Excellent videos as well. I have yet to see the cleaning one but will check it out in a few minutes.


      The DH168 and the EVO is ball joint skeleton IIRC.. I have to check one of those out one day.

      Great seeing you around Don take care and have a fruitful day! 🙂


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        Don Delano- Mon Amour Toujours
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        Yeah you know the story about hair styles on the models, lol. Maybe a search on eBay or Amazon will get you something close.

        I’m working on adding Sino Doll right now. Sino isn’t necessarily “higher end” compared to the standard Z-one, it’s just a little different. The TPE is textured to simulate real skin, the body proportions are realistic and some nice unique options not available on the Z-one line.

        Sanhui offers some beautiful ladies and they are a good introduction for those who would like to test the silicone waters. Sanhui also hast their TPE line- Sange Doll. Sange is basically the TPE version of some of the Sanhui girls. BTW- Z-one tried this and it didn’t go over very well. It looks like Sanhui has the right idea by only offering a few doll sizes.

        This will be the year I do at least one silicone doll review. I’m not sure which brand I will choose yet…

        SN- If you’re a JY Doll fan I just received some exciting news. JY will be offering a “Real Doll”. This line will have implanted hair i.e. eye brows and scalp, textured skin and more; see attached photos. This line will be available after CNY.



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      Eva L’Fleur (On Sabbatical)
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      Thanks for the reply Don, Oh silly me I forgot Sino was the TPE side of Z-one’s company.

      Wow those photos of the dolls I can see the implanted and textured skin. really nice!

      I will remind Rainy to finally finish that email to you he started.. he was running all weekend long and then got sick! serves him right!


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