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Thanx Don… New 3X on her way home soon!

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    Alexa Tilbrook W9JYD
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    Well… I bit the bullet and bought me a 3X Doll. Aydenn, not Tiffany, though. But she’s a reincarnation of Elisabeth @lissiesnow.

    My credit sucks to the point where I couldn’t qualify for Slice financing… But Don @monamourtoujours, being the most impeccable vendor I’ve done business with, is doing a layaway plan with me. While I won’t be able to enjoy her company while I’m paying for her, but it would be an advantage to me: when Elisabeth (the 3X Aydenn) arrives, I won’t have any debt. It’s a tradeoff… Enjoy her NOW and then pay her off and have interest tacked onto the principal… Or put money in a layaway plan and have her paid in full when she arrives on my doorstep, and I like that.

    Nothing against credit plans, it’s just out of my reach. I had to put down megabuck deposits to get my lights and Comcast turned on ($311 and $100, respectively), so that says something about how fucked my credit is. So, anyway, I prefer to make arrangements to pay in installments in advance, and have the merchandise paid in full when I receive it.

    And Don helped again. There’s some things I’m not at liberty to discuss about this transaction… But if anyone wants to help… PM me.

    But thanks again Don! You rock.

    C:\WINDOWS\System32> choco install Daphne_MLD_135_SDH-C22 -y
    Chocolatey 0.10.15
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    Don Delano- Mon Amour Toujours
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    I’m happy to help any way I can. She’ll be home before you know it!

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