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    @fantasticplastic The girls and I hope the both of you have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving!

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    Well that was new. Washed lingerie for the first time!

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    #FlashbackFriday... Date: Wednesday, 1990-02-14. 30 years ago. Today. I told my "therapist" that I would own a BBS that people could dial into where "mannequin lovers" like myself could exchange stories and helpful info about the care of them. She told me it was "ridiculous" and would fail because "nobody else in the world loves mannequins." (Her exact words.) 30 years later. Friday, 2020-02-14. That is now a reality! While not a BBS in the sense of the 1990s terminology, but it's actually a reality. It's called DOLLSBOOK. A social network for people like us and their companions. Built on WordPress. Even though, my "prophecy" was based upon running on a Tandy Color Computer 3 with OS-9 Level 2 and a BBS program cobbled together from issues of "The Rainbow". It's a minor success, and yes, people DO love mannequins and life-size dolls that aren't hideous. I have three of them. Daphne, a WM 157b; Vanessa, a JY 140g and Jessica, a plastic mannequin I got off eBay. Only if that therapist could see this now. IDK what her response would be... Own your love. Don't try to justify why you love a doll instead of a human to ANYONE. I tried and couldn't do it. Love is love. Do you. Life is short to explain anything to closed minds.

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    Me and my studs hope that each and every one of you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

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    Hey Folks Thank you for the response. 🙂 So I guess based on the information you sent me we can trust FLD as a very reliable source! Thanks

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    It's here! The Mon Amour Toujours April Anniversary sale. Save 20% now through April 10th. Stop by and find your favorite girl at a fantastic price. https://www.matproducts.biz/

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    @ki5jyd Hello Kevin only you and me online now

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    Hey everyone! I just joined. Wanted to know where you shop for clothes for your doll?



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