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    None too shabby in the grey wig, either…….. Lucy008

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    None too shabby in the grey wig, either........ Lucy008
    None too shabby in the grey wig, either…….. Lucy008
    • very nice. short and cute there!

      • Your spot on, she is ridiculously cute…….whats weird is that I spent a little time last week taking snaps of her and Natasha in the same wigs and compared them……..in the pics, Lucy is the most photogenic, and her cuteness really comes through exactly as she looks in real life. Natasha, is just classically beautiful, but I cant get it to show in photo’s, she looks a little angular and sharp featured, yet in real life she has that sort of “soft filter” prettiness that makes most men go weak at the knees (and that’s before they clock her tits!!!).
        I will stich the pics together and post them sometime, you’ll see what I mean.

        • Cool! that was kinda how Chloé was. the super cute factor and when i did her makeup it just amped it up..( i got lucky i guess) I never really noticed it until I looked at the pics how well she photographed.