• captainrock posted 3 photos 2 years, 9 months ago
    • Suzy is looking very awesome in those photos Captain.

    • WoW, the pink/blue hair is amazingly good looking, something I would have never considered, and, something I will look into, I don’t want to be a copycat but it will for sure push me to consider different colors, thanks for sharing the great pics.

      • Cheers Lizy, its weird, I have never dated a girl with unconventional coloured hair, but a few months back I took a punt on a cheap pink/blue wig for Lucy and couldn’t BELIEVE how cute and sexy she looked in it, and how much it suited her, so I have accumulated a couple more, and Suzy also rocks them!
        Of course, its nice going back to traditional hair colours too, but the variety is great!

        • Hi, I get the variety aspect because it gives the girls such different looks, almost like having several girls in one. I do have a weird question tho…what is a “punt”?

          • Hi Lizy,
            Yeah, I’m amazed at just how much a simple wig change can totally transform one of these ladies. Currently, Suzy is led next to me in her Black Bob, and looks amazing. Black hair and those big dark eyes make her look so gorgeous its unreal, but then one of the coloured wigs makes her eyes pop even more!
            BTW, a “punt” is a slang term, same as taking a “chance”.