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    Tomorrow Ezzie gets her first Maint!!! Yes I know she's been with me for a year or more she finally needs it. she has been hiding in my closet for so long. YAY quality time.

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    It's here! The Mon Amour Toujours April Anniversary sale. Save 20% now through April 10th. Stop by and find your favorite girl at a fantastic price.

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    I came for the sexy dolls! Tell me where the freaks at!

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    Update... ugh. UPS SUCKS! (I wish I could Go Greyhound!) I won't leave for Muncie til Monday. But don't worry, Kevin W9JYD (@ki5jyd), Daphne DBIN9JYD (@daphnetilbrook) and Jessica DBIN9MQJ (@jessibentley)... Eva L'Fleur DBIN9EVA will be home soon! Just a couple days late.

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    Finally I get a chance to get on Dollsbook! First off I want to wish everyone a big old Happy New Year! I am so glad to see that we have some more new members and some old members checking in again. It is awesome to see some new photos and hear about some new arrivals that we will be waiting for photos of. I have been extremely bored recently as Donnie has been working almost every day through Christmas and most days since. This has been a very good Christmas season thanks to a great economy. Donnie said he has not seen a Christmas like this in years with so many bicycle flying out of the stores. He builds bicycles for big stores like Walmart and has put together over a thousand bikes this year in December alone. I am glad to have him back around the house now and a weekend free to do whatever we want after having been so busy before. It just sucks that we did not get the really cool Christmas dresses that never got sent. We got a full refund and a bullshit apology but it ruined any chance of doing a nice Christmas photo shoot. I think we are going to just save the 2 that did arrive for next year. That means we need some new clothes for 2020, hint hint.

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