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    Just a quick note. I do own my own CNC machine, surface grinder, and small engine lathe. So, if someone needs some parts made, just let me know. Maybe we can work something out.

    • I’m in that trade myself!

    • I have some knowledge of interfacing a Raspberry Pi GPIO to a CNC machine … maybe we can discuss this? It’s something interesting!

      • I have several Raspberries shelved mainly to build a few retro computer consoles. I’ve also dabbled with FPGAs to a small extent. I built a retro C65 computer using an FPGA project board. I housed it all in a 64C repopped case. I’m into the old Commodore 64 and 128 computers. I’ve owned several since 1983. I like to refurbish and mod old dead units. I do everything from cleaning and retro brighting to recapping boards, replacing bridge rectifiers and the dead CMOS chips with new old stock. I do it just for fun and my inventory is slowly growing.

        Anyway, back to your topic. I’ve built a working CNC before, but it was PC based. Did you use the Raspberry GPIO pins to connect to a breakout board?

        • It’s been a while since I’ve done it, but yes, I used a 40-pin EIDE cable (to prevent pin bending) to a breakout board …

          And my retro computer of choice is the TRS-80 Color Computer. I have the 26-3127B, or the Korean made CoCo 2 w/ 64K, Extended BASIC and the updated Motorola 6847T1 VDG (Video Display Generator)… still works.
          I use my RPi4 4GB for my daily computer things (and it does em real well), Kodi and MAME. Some pre-built Raspberry Pi 3 images won’t work well or at all on the Raspberry Pi 4.

          • The TRS-80 Color Computers were cool too. A couple of school friends had them.. I just always like the Commodore computers especially because of the 6581 and 8580 SID sound chips. There is still a big following for the C64. There are several small companies in Europe that build new motherboards and cases. Not to mention all the enthusiasts building their own PLA and SID replacements and making them available for sale.

            • Motorola MC6809 > MOS 6502. (/opinion)

              Well … there is the CoCo3FPGA… https://www.brianholman.com/retrocompute/files/coco3fpga.html

              It’s becoming difficult, if not impossible, to find working bare metal CoCo 3’s anywhere anymore. There’s eBay, but finding one is like the lottery. You might get one, but expect to pay a pretty penny. Most of the CoCo hardware offered on eBay are the 64k CoCo 2’s (mostly the 26-3127B, like I have), but there’s Cloud-9, but Mark Marlette and Boisy Pitre (who run it as a hobby) say they do accept orders for a CoCo 3 system but waiting lists.

              Just like there’s a “devout” C=64 retrocomputing community, there’s a devout Tandy CoCo community, too.

              YouTuber ogStevieStrow is one of the latter. He even hosts a CoCo emulator SD card image on his website (based on Raspbian and a custom compiled MAME) for the Raspberry Pi: http://ogsteviestrow.com/coco3/