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    @rainking 2024 - Dom & Celeste are back!

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    @ki5jyd Half priced! hallelujah Half priced! new DJO

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    @alliex hi there! Sorry just noticed on the log that your IP range had been blocked by mistake, already unblocked it!

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    It's here! The Mon Amour Toujours April Anniversary sale. Save 20% now through April 10th. Stop by and find your favorite girl at a fantastic price.

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    Any1 know how to delete account?

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    @benson Hello Benson, I can confirm the absolute reliability of FLD as I bought several dolls from there (different manufacturers), never disapointed. Along the road, had several excellent contacts with Kevin, he's a smart guy, highly trustable.

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    posted a photo

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    @fantasticplastic The girls and I hope the both of you have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving!

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    Getting a sense of fear mongering. I had higher expectations.

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    Hey Folks Thank you for the response. 🙂 So I guess based on the information you sent me we can trust FLD as a very reliable source! Thanks

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