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    There is so much debate about using solvents with doll TPE.  If one does a google search “Xylene destroys TPE” There is not a lot of easy to understand info posted about it. Except from T-D-F affiliates. But there does not seem to be undeniable proof of this from the polymer community or other scientists? 🙂

    I have read these…[Read more]

  • Removable Body Color?

    Not to sure how popular this idea is. Crazycajun developed it. (There is a reason dollsbook honors his name in this forum)  He has since passed on. There are people who have continued the body color idea on.

    This paste recipe can do the same thing.

    When I first started playing with trying to make a TPE glue, I’d first…[Read more]

    • Yes good old paint thinner (Xylene) will dissolve TPE nicely, an thus can be used as a solvent to create TPE-paste/filler. I discovered that if you. Apply this paste on a stretched surface, wait for 20 Seconds and the release the tension,wrinkles will appear,like the wrinkles in lips 💋, cool effect
      I use odorless mineral spirits sometimes to…[Read more]

      • It was a company called Greenfield Chemical. on Alibaba. But I cannot find them there easily now. Possibly they closed. The stuff I’d bought has quite a high melt temp and does not flow good. It is durable though 🙂 It’s an SEBS blend. Been looking for an SBS, but not having a lot of luck. One supplier on Alibaba I contacted does have clear. SEBS…[Read more]

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