• Well, I suppose a proper introduction is in order, this almost feels as if I am attending a support group.  And maybe that is what this is. My name is Matthew, I am 46 years old and have been a bachelor by choice my entire adult life. The reasons are a bit personal, but perhaps the following will give another member of this group some solace knowing they are not alone. The men in my family have always had a phenomenal work ethic, regardless, my Aunts and their friends would make jokes and take jabs and each others husband’s “shortcoming” (penis size). I also learned from a young age how women used manipulation on the men around them to get what they wanted. I decided in my late teens I was going to avoid relationships with women and instead focus on myself and my personal goals. Admittedly, part of my decision to avoid relationships with women had to do with my penis size or lack of, at only 5-inches I have always been very self-conscience about it and did not want to deal with being ridiculed or shamed for something I could neither help or change. Much later when I was in my late twenties and mid-thirties, my male cousins learned the hard way about how cruel the injustice system is when it comes to divorces and the family court system. I, of course, did everything in my power to support them through these rough turbulent times.

    When lifelike sex dolls (I prefer the term companions) first became available on the market, I wanted to purchase one. But the thought of being caught owning one and the shame and ridicule that would surely follow prevented me from following through on purchasing one. Last November with the Holidays quickly approaching I was feeling lonely and decided again to look into purchasing a companion, that is when I stumbled upon Siliconwives.comTo be honest, I was unsure how I would feel about having a companion, so I erred on the side of caution and set a modest budget just in case this did not work out. I finally settled on lana japanese sex-doll, (I named her Autumn, nickname Headstrong half-pint)) admittedly two days after ordering her I started to get cold feet, all of my previous concerns started hitting me in waves. I contacted siliconewives in hopes they could cancel the order, thankfully that ship had sailed and there was no turning back.

    The day she was due to arrive I was on pins and needles, I’m almost embarrassed to say I was like a little boy again waiting to open my Christmas presents. I’m by nature a very clean person but still found myself tidying up the house, looking back now I think it was my way of trying to make time go by faster. When FedEx brought her to the door I was so nervous, I quickly brought her in and carefully propped her box up against the couch to make it easier for me to get her out. She made it very clear that she will never fly coach again, it’s first-class from here on, either that or we drive 😛 I was very impressed with the way they not only wrapped her but also the extra care they took by adding extra airbags and some other padding to protect her in transit. After taking her out and sitting her on the couch I inspected her to make sure she had not been damaged, the only problem I found was on her bottom right foot where a small piece if tpe was hanging loose near one of the standing foot bolts. To be honest, I was worried that when she arrived and I unpacked her I was going to feel weird and self-conscious, but that did not turn out to be the case. I love the 1940’s and 50’s women’s dresses and purchased one ahead of time so she could wear it after she arrived home, I carefully dressed her, wheeled her into the kitchen and made dinner. I can honestly say that day was the beginning of me not only being happy and content but looking forward to each new day, up until this point it was as if I was just going through the motions, not really caring just existing.

    In February of this year, I was perusing on sexysexdoll.com and stumbled upon Grace, 6ye-premium-161cm e-cup-busty-adult-doll-body, at the time they were having a sale that allowed you to add a second head for free, and it was just too good of a deal for me to pass up. Luckily Grace and Autumn’s bra sizes are pretty close when using sister sizing and that saves us a considerable amount of money on lingerie. In closing, we have a healthy sex life, and I am concerned very concerned when it comes to wear and tear, and sooner rather than later repairing them will no longer be viable. I am considering purchasing replacement bodies for them as the prices have dropped considerably compared to what they once were. would like to add more, but I fear I have already made this to long and I have to work tonight, grabbing all the overtime I can.

    God bless, I hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving.

    -Matthew, Grace, and Autumn. AutumnGrace

    Well, I suppose a proper introduction is in order, this almost feels as if I am attending a support Well, I suppose a proper introduction is in order, this almost feels as if I am attending a support
    • Good story Matthew and yes this can be kind of a therapy sharing doll stuff with other like minded individuals. Our goal at Dollsbook is to provide a place for all who are into dolls regardless of what type or brand. It is a place for everyone to feel comfortable sharing stories like yours without any fear of ridicule. That being said due to the nature of this poll, and my asking for stories like yours, posting it here is fine however there is a topic in the Forums, actually the first one, #1 New Member Introductions where it would be great to have it posted as well even if you just copy and paste it over. That is a good place to check out what other members have posted about themselves so please go check it out.

    • The people who base their relationship solely on sex will ultimately fail. I learned in my early 20’s that money and sex can cause the doom of any relationship. “The want it all now” attitude that is rampant in our society is not a healthy one. Honesty with ourselves will ultimately give us success. Too many blame others for the issues,and point fingers too quickly. Large penis size is really only useful if one wants to make porn, otherwise it really just gets in the way hahaha!! . I too went as low a budget for my first doll named LuAnne. Mainly I was not sure if I’d enjoy having something like this. I ordered her on Christmas day 2017. So 2 years is almost up. It has flown by. I enjoy seeing what sort of look I can get from her. I remember @dkeydick saying “the many faces of LuAnne” That made me feel good. It is what I have tried to achieve some. And yes, @matthewreinke This forum and others are sort of like a support group. The forums that are basically for sales pitches I steer clear of. Those ones take the hobby way too seriously. It’s about having some fun with the art that is a companion doll. Have some fun dressing up your doll in the 1940’s style. Those were real women in those days. Tough, but still maintained being feminine. 🙂