• Good afternoon, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.

    First and foremost, my apologies for the snafu, Don kindly brought it to my intention that I should have posted my introduction post in the newcomer’s section. In my defense I had multiple Dollsbook tabs open, reading through the many wonderful posts, and obviously copy and pasted into the wrong one. 😛

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Happy holidays to the three of you!

    Hey AllieXd 🙂

    You are most welcome my friend, my hope was that by sharing my story other men who find themselves in the same boat would perhaps find some comfort in knowing they are not alone. Women tell one another that it is empowering for them to have a drawer or closet full of sex toys, however, if a man dares to purchase himself a fleshlight he is some sort of looser or deviant. My hope is to help our fellow men to not only stop listening to the rabid hypocrites but also for men to stop shaming one another, believe it or not, we are all in the same boat and have a common enemy (Feminism)!

    Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours, take care.

    • No Worries Matthew. It is all good brother and as I mentioned your post was appropriate for either or both topics. It is just cool to put stories like yours in the new member intros so that more members may see it.