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    “Finally got one of the Christmas dresses in today but still no sign of the other two. Very pissed at the seller for getting paid on Dec.1 and not shipping the first dress until the 7th and so far all the tracking number for the other two  shows is “tracking number provided” and has not even been scanned by the post office yet so WTF? Contacted them and got a generic reply about the unreliability of the post office. Sent another message just now demanding to know why it seems to not have been shipped yet two weeks later.”


    Donnie,  Ok here is the most likely  reason..  The person you bought from ships from China. That takes a month or two to come in. OR they sell and then drop ship from china. OR they are waiting to see if there will be any tariffs owed because there was a major meeting this week between US and China over them.

    I ordered 3 pairs of white cotton panties for Eva and they never came, nor was my paypal ever billed. (ordered on they bay)

    I would give them 1 more week then open dispute, and be sure and see how the shipping time was advertised to take. or Est delivery time was… If you are over than then you should win easily.

    • I ordered the dresses from a U.S. seller that had an estimated delivery date of Dec. 10th so I figured no problem they will be here before Christmas. They provided three different tracking numbers. Only one was actually scanned into the system at USPS and that one did arrive although it was not shipped until 6 days after payment. The second tracking number shows as being provided but never scanned by the USPS and it is the only number supplied for the other two dresses. The third number was actually provided the day after payment and is only viewable by drop down window of first items tracking number, there is a message about multiple tracking numbers. It does not apply to ANY of the packages and is also not scanned into the USPS system. Seller is asking for three days to check into it and then will refund but I DON”T WANT A REFUND! I want the items I paid for over two weeks ago. It leaves me with no new Christmas dresses for two of my girls.

      • Ahh man I know what u mean. I got these really cute shorts for Eva, but they never arrived either. and they were the only ones in size women’s 000 so they would fit her perfectly. Perhaps they will come later but have to be for next year.. 🙁 But still thats a bummer sorry to hear.

        • Three words:
          Kinda joking, somewhat serious.
          I can find small women’s clothes in the size mentioned for Daphne at my local Goodwill.
          Especially on 50% Saturdays. https://www.goodwillindy.org/shop/specials/ (scroll to the bottom) The whole store is 50% off (60% off if a Goodwill Indy Rewards Card holder)! IDK if the Goodwills in LA do so… but Goodwill is awesome regardless of QTH. Give it a try.