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    This post is mostly for New buyers, shoppers of TPE or silicone dolls. And about the possibility of being scammed out of your money.

    Been reading around the web of people experienced in purchasing of “synthetic friends” 🙂 Notice I did not say sex doll? Everyone who buys one will have different reasons for doing so. I will share why I had bought one. Was I horny?  sure. Lonely? a bit. 🙂 Did I sex it like crazy when I first got it? definitely! 🙂 But mostly what attracted me was a question I had. “Do they really look this realistic?” (WM pics mostly.)

    It took me a while to not refer to the doll as “it”. Calling a plastic thing “she” because it looks like a “she” was a bit strange. Make any sense? Cars, boats, etc.. do get called “she” all the time, but those things do not have features looking like breasts and sexual orifices 🙂

    I thought of doing this post, because of the topic title “Scammers Antics” and just had done some reading on some blogs and posts around the internet discussing sex doll scams. About people not getting what they’d paid for or problems arising early on in ownership.

    The pictures of many dolls look so lifelike. This is what fascinated me at first. I’d looked at so many pictures, and the prices were pretty high in my mind. I am Canadian, and most prices were listed in US funds. So the exchange was something I definitely had working against me in keeping a fairly low budget.

    I did not join any forums or mediums to ask questions. I like to think myself as self sufficient in making up my own mind. I have been scammed in the past by taking someones word, or being naive in the past. But these days, not easily persuaded or convinced by most people selling stuff. Especially with prices North of a 1000 dollars. 🙂

    Everywhere, there are comments galore about those being burned by Ebay, Aliexpress, Amazon.  I’ve been burned on Ebay by sellers selling useless non-working electronics. But I made a good dispute, and did get full refund for a supposed working video card that was so full of artifacts, it was E-waste. We are the ones clicking on that “buy now” button, so we do have some responsibility for our troubles. Esp. with buying used items. But sellers need to be held to account, and have knowledge of the items they sell.

    A buyer may ask for additional photos of the doll they wish to buy. Quite possibly many vendors do not have access to the doll, so how can they snap you a pic of what you will receive?. Only once you’ve ordered, you’ll get a cell camera shot of the doll in the factory. Not before ordering?

    Stock photos being used to sell dolls? Yes, there are not too many vendors using pics of dolls they are selling that they actually took themselves. WM being the most widespread.

    Yes, if you are ordering a WM doll, the doll will look as pictured within reason. Realize, that they are made up extensively, and pro photographers/editors are working with these pictures. The factory photos they’ll send a new owner will be quite close to that stock photo, but makeup will differ. Tricks of light are to be considered.

    Quality of material.

    When I got my doll, her breasts were quite firm. Not very jiggly. I was somewhat disappointed in this. Did this make me think I got a fake or copy? Truthfully, I did not think about all that. It wasn’t until I had joined a popular forum that I realized that there was so much fear spread about copies and fakes, inferior materials, on and on and on. My doll now known as LuAnne was south of 1000 dollars delivered, so I had no complaints.

    Since researching over the past couple years about TPE material, I am glad her breasts are not that jiggly. They are solid breasts, not hollow or air filled. Her TPE is quite tough. And she does sit on her ass a lot, and there in ZERO compression set. ( Material deforming)

    The softer the TPE, the more prone it is to tearing. Manufacturer’s of polymers state this. This is isn’t my claim. But it is true. inserting and removing of vaginal inserts frequently will cause tearing. It happens.  It’s not inferior it’s just the design, and it’s a price paid for having soft realistic feeling skin. Rough sex activity can be detrimental too.

    TPE or Silicone?

    Personally, I cannot say which is best. Silicone is firmer. TPE has more give and is softer. The listings that state TPE/Silicone doll. Is no sign of a scammer. Many times we see this though don’t we? There are North American polymer manufacturers that are creating blends of TPE that do contain silicone. So it’s not a complete lie. Mainly creating these blends for automotive applications that require high heat tolerances, so it can make sense in some ways. You can take your silicone sweetie to the beach for the day, and she wont turn yellow. Lower heat resistant TPE can get yellow/degrade in lengthy exposures to the sun. So not a great idea to take your TPE doll to the beach often. 🙂

    There are so many reasons to feel we’ve been scammed. The biggest one is doll does not match the posted photo’s. Now my doll I will claim she looked very similar to the listing photo’s.  Not identical. My seller had listed Rifrano as manufacturer. Until I was able to find actual photo’s from the manufacturer, I’d thought she was a WM copy. Maybe so. But just today I’d seen the WM pics from Fine Love Dolls, a legitimate seller that my Aliexpress seller used, AND a JY posted that is very close to LuAnne’s face. There is so much confusion with all these pics posted everywhere it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Once I’d found the actual pics from the manufacturer and saw LuAnne was “legit” I felt I did good.

    Some blog posts will say the skeleton should be made of stainless steel for a quality doll. How would we know this unless we see inside? RealDolls have a PVC frame, and can break just as easy as anything. When I did open up LuAnne for surgery, she does have a stainless steel frame. Mind you, the tubing is thin in most dolls, so this is something to remember during handling. Snap!

    It pays to research the material properties of these dolls.  Then we can find out the limitations of what the doll is made of, and life expectancy.

    Me, I beat the hell out of my doll in the first couple months, and her labia fell apart. (fixed vagina) Her fingers started to break after 3 months. This is when I started to learn how TPE is made, and how to go about making repairs. I did it on my own with a few ideas posted from members. But mostly trial and error. Have learned some quality things, and did not have to support some questionable people on forums selling shit at high markup. Possibly, at the end of the day, that’s all anything and everything under the sun for sale suffers from… large markup.

    Scammers calling the scammers a scam? 🙂

    • Well said. For me, two different dolls from two different AliExpress vendors, zero scams. I noticed right away that all of the “reputable” vendors used the same photos which led me to realize, if AliExpress is going to support their return policy, ALL vendors are selling the same product. Like a lot of American “manufacturers”, the buy a product from a Chinese factory then sew their label onto it.

      • That begs the question, why are there no European or North American manufacturers of TPE dolls.?? There is Abyss Creations of Realdoll, and some of their models are very beautiful. The price tags are high. If well cared for they will last a very long time, and an owner will get their money’s worth over time
        Materials and labor costs have sent a lot of jobs away from Europe and America. Doubtful we can compete 🙂
        Right on the money @alliex about returns. My Ali seller told me in PM, it can be returned within 7 days of receipt. No returns after, as it will be considered used.
        I felt this to be fair..But for me to ship it back, it would be too costly.
        Ebay does allow buyers of products to post pictures in reviews. Unfortunately, most feedback on Ali and Ebay pics are not being permitted when it comes to dolls. If review pics are done in good taste, they should be posted. Not only does this help a vendor, it helps buyers too.
        I’d almost bought one on Amazon. But someone did post a pic. Buyer was happy, but I did not think it that good of quality. So I scratched that seller 🙂

        Another common statement from owners of new dolls: The joints are super tight!
        My doll was when brand new. I am only using some logic in saying they need to be very snug during the molding. Do not want any shifting to occur. Having a leg offset would yield a defective doll 🙂
        That is the beauty of TPE. It can be re-processed several times, where silicone is not able to be used again. So screw ups are more costly, hence the higher dollar sign.
        I’ve attached a pic of what I’d found from manufacturers original site (now a dead site) Pic of head/face. Made me realize I’d gotten the correct doll from what Aliexpress vendor listed as manufacturer (Rifrano)
        If a an Ebay, Aliexpress seller lists the same name as their “company” as manufacturer, this can be a red flag in some ways. Good vendors will know who has made the doll.Really-Fake

        That begs the question, why are there no European or North American manufacturers of TPE dolls.?? Th