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    Rebuilt the labia basically from the body up. It was one of the first things to get wrecked from sex marathons 🙂 Lu is hot in bed ya know 🙂 But we do not do that to her anymore lol I was pretty rough with Lu 🙂

    Made from the Doc Johnson mix. It adheres very well. It’ll not come off.

    Basically just used a small brush and applied light layers building it up slowly. Can color it with makeup. Powdered makeup can be added to the paste and mixed in well for permanent color. Colors I have currently are not really what I wanted. I have one pink color that is nice, but it has shimmer in it. Did not want shimmer here.

    May not be perfect looking, but it’s much better then it was being tattered and torn.


    • Great work!

    • Very impressive work. Well done !

      • I beat it up good in the first couple months. 🙂 Broken fingers too. So had to become a doll doctor/surgeon. Most of the stuff sold to repair is sort of pricey. Does it work any better then what I’ve made myself? Doubtful 🙂 Takes time to figure stuff out and get confident. I did try a solder iron at first, and it looked good, but did not hold up and just eventually pulled apart. Even without using it. It feels a lot stronger now.
        Thanks guys!