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    Yeah the age old discussion of Baby oil vs mineral oil. In a nutshell it is essentially the same thing. As @ki5jyd said the baby oil contains fragrance. Mineral oil does not. That's all folks. paraffinum liquidum All petroleum based stuff. Magic markers, Sharpies, etc are a bad idea for makeup. they do contain small amounts of solvents. Although it may not be too harmful, it could be hard to remove if we make mistakes. I have had no problems with mineral oil based makeup. Removes very easily and does not leave stains. Even the cheap stuff made in China works ok for me. Even doing a melt of TPE with mineral oil based makeup (powdered) becomes part of the polymer and does not bleed out. TPE is an amazing thing. It leaves silicone in the dust in many ways 🙂

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    @FantasticPlastic... I got to say, I might need to edit your post regarding @ayououdoll. Not a scam. Shopify is dicking them over. I contacted them and I got an immediate reply. Scammers usually don't do that. They are fixing the issue as I write this.

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    Just to get this off my chest. The member/seller/scam artist what have you called ayouyou has officially pissed me off. The stupid photo contest is obviously a joke and all of us who has entered has definitely given our info to a individual who has intentions that aren’t in our best interests. Not pleased with this, the site is no longer ...

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    Update... ugh. UPS SUCKS! (I wish I could Go Greyhound!) I won't leave for Muncie til Monday. But don't worry, Kevin W9JYD (@ki5jyd), Daphne DBIN9JYD (@daphnetilbrook) and Jessica DBIN9MQJ (@jessibentley)... Eva L'Fleur DBIN9EVA will be home soon! Just a couple days late.

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    @ki5jyd I going to try and start Em's modelling career. I just bout a photo shoot stodio . Im still shopping for a gd cam. I think i found one i like on walmart site. Lol its not a cheep buy. But id be able to post her pic's directory to different website's from any wifi. I'm no professional photographer but. I'll figure it out. I won't be able to post her pic's till after we move. After April of this year. Since it will be by mile's of open beach cost . I'll be able to post some at the beach pic's. Even some spicy pic's maybe. Under a umbrella ofcorse.

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    @ki5jyd Hello Kevin only you and me online now

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    Hey My friends... After a long time in this world I must step back from the light and into the darkness so to speak. I have had some recent developments in my life both good and bad, prospect of a relationship, and job, and more. I made a new years resolution to completely change my life as I know it and see if it helps my god awful depression. So far so good. I have quit tobacco. AND purchased stock in Wrigley's LOL I would like to say my life is peachy keen, but that's a wild stretch. Some of my close friends here know how i can get, and as of late i have been really been down. I will stop in here from time to time to see you guys, and say hello, but my secret life has to go away. Eva is leaving me, and I have to figure out what to do with Ezeri. I have several things and accessories I will sell here and use the proceeds to boost dollsbook so it will still be going so everyone will still have a little place here. If anyone would like to join in as an admin partner, please email me or PM me here. I'll let you in on the details. I wished I had more to say and a better answer, but as of now, my mental health and well being of myself and my family must come first. I'll see you all around here 🙂 "Rainy"

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    How do I work this thing.... 🙂

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