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    OK.......concerns! I adore my Jenna, but I may of discovered a major issue that is concerning me. During maintenance, whilst thoroughly cleaning and dry her, i did insert fingers into her vagina as deep as I could, and, well, felt the bottom of the skeleton............no endcap to the canal, just open and leading directly to the metal. I hope this isnt too "graphic", but its relevant. I'll be honest, i noticed this when I first got her, too........but knowing nothing about dolls assumed this was normal. Though it concerned me as a "gunk trap" and all the issues that went with it. Subsequently, I have always used a condom with her. But, there is still an issue (again, not trying to be graphic or "bragg" here), but I have noticed that upon orgasm, that last DEEP push seems to hurt, but along with the intensity of the moment I assumed it was just the tightness of the canal (I am a couple of inches longer than "average", and also very thick), when I kind of re-discovered this fault, and traced it on the outside of the doll, I realised that there is a chance that I am hitting the skeleton. Is this common on dolls? I know I bought a cheap "ebayer", but in EVERY other way have been so impressed, I'm coming to the conclusion that this could be a real issue. If this is a major defect, I'll be gutted, but this experience has still introduced me to the lovely world of dolls, and if I do "upgrade", Jennas head will be coming along too, as I think she is too cute for words!! I would really appreciate some guidance on this, thanks folks.

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    Updated my profile and cover picture...like *cough cough, I was never gone

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    FYI: https://www.facebook.com/KI5JYD Friend me if you want.

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    Quick update everyone: I'm going to let Rainy come on here more often, so please let him know if there is any issues with the site. He was the one that figured out what the photo thing was about.. Basically it was in need of an update. He researched a lot about our system and now, He's going to be my admin helper. Not to mention he reminds me how i hog the spotlight (when i am on) haha so. Without further adoo, I present to you, our new Junior admin.. RainKing!

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    Hi Everyone! Looks like we dodged the major portion of Hurricane Barry here. The rain and wind did not get that bad and we never lost power. We were lucky here even if others were not so fortunate elsewhere. We hope everyone affected is safe and that the damages can be repaired quickly.

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    Howdy Ya'll! Ain't been on here in a good while so we decided to check in and see whats up. Getting pretty excited about this big party coming up next Friday. Julia is coming up with all kinds of cool stuff to do and keep it interesting. Hope most of you can check it out. I gotta vent a little bit tonight too, seems I kept this black satin robe of Julia's on too long and got some dang stains on myself now. She never had a problem with it so we thought it would be safe but no such luck. Off to get some of that baking soda and peroxide toothpaste tomorrow and try and get cleaned up. I would have to be the unlucky one to get the first real color transfer staining of the three of us. Gonna take some before and after photos to document the process and see how effective it is firsthand.

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    Buongiorno DollsBookers! Mr Donny make the fotografia of my bel vestito how you say pretty dress. I am entusiasta over my dress with the butterflies, it is molto bella and the black one as well is bellissima. I am showing much of la mammella to be sexy. Buono notte e sognid'oro bella donnes

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