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    Ugh... Sometimes I can be wrong... I thought Whataburger was going to finally be in Muncie... But I told a few friends that I couldn't confirm it. Bad news: it's not. If Whataburger is going to expand... The Chicago based company who bought the Texas based hamburger chain had said something about expansion... Last PR release was in June. It's going to be a Japanese restaurant instead. And it's going to be difficult to break the news to Daphne @DaphneTilbrook, too, because she's EXPECTING Whataburger to come to Muncie...

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    Hey peeps! So, I literally started school yesterday (after graduating high school 20 years ago!) and right out of the gate the class is Anatomy and Physiology (que snickering here and YES we will be studying the reproductive system and I expect to ACE that one!). It is a three week learning and one week final class, so basically I will be re-learning (took A & P in High School) a whole year's worth of material in 3 weeks! Talk about information overload! With that being said, I don't expect to be on here much at least for the next 4 weeks. I just didn't want anyone to think that I disappeared or left. Just an extended absence. I expect this to happen again once I start the ICT-9 and ICT-10 (coding) courses as well.

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    It's here! The Mon Amour Toujours April Anniversary sale. Save 20% now through April 10th. Stop by and find your favorite girl at a fantastic price. https://www.matproducts.biz/

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    @mysticalfaces Welcome Jack! hope you enjoy it here! don't forget to introduce yourself!

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    I just want to remind all members that there are a lot of forum topics available to interact with or you can totally make up your own for others to interact with at any time. I just started one for everyone to share their favorite jokes in and Donny recently started one to share any pet names you all might have for yourself and your companion as examples. There are so many forum topics on so many different subjects available to peruse or respond to as you choose. Feel free to check them all out and comment or respond. I think it is great that everything posted shows up on this Activity page but after a few days posts get moved on down the line by new posts where the forum posts will always be in their own categories. Same thing applies to photos as there are lots of forum categories for different kinds of photos on many different subjects such as cosplay, lingerie and even just pretty dresses (my favorite) Posting photos to these topics helps keep them alive and more accessible to all members present and future. There are no rules for doing this it is only a suggestion to help make all posts of a like kind easier to find and enjoy. Just have fun with it however and wherever you post anything, Thanks for all you do because all of you are what help make Dollsbook Great

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    I just posted the story of Anna Belle in the Dollyverse forum section Doll Stories and Art. To read it in the correct order go to the Forum posting or scroll down to the first post of it here or it will not make sense.

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