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    That is the last photo I can take with Girl-girl (the dog). I lost her last night She was my niece dog and I was taking care of her . I just spent 600 to get the full check up on her 9/04. She had a skin tag ( was getting bigger) I was worried about . The blood work all was good. Vet give her clean bill of health. 09/07 Niece mom dies. Dog won't eat. 09/10 dog no longer able to eat or drink without it coming up . Vet gives her some meds. 09/12 dog checked into hospital kidneys failing. 9/14 she lost her life. I sorry for this on here I know this Is a doll place . I worked two jobs and She was there to watch over the Ladies. No one was going to mess with them while she was on watch. I now went and told the news to my niece knowing she just lost her mother is hard . So seeing what is now the last photo of Girl- girl on here . I felt I had to share it on here.

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    @ki5jyd Trying to figure how to block. Im sure it's easy but it doesnt show up anywhere. Now the little douche bag copied melissas picture for his own. Theres no nuke button is there? Lol

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    Ok so update. When we ordered our doll we got a free extra head to pick....ordered some extra wigs and such also. Our doll as you know came damaged. So they sent us a replacement and did not ask for the old doll to be returned because they said we should find a way to expose of her which we were going to do. Well the replacement doll came and instead of having the new skin we just did the regular because they said its more durable especially during transit. She came all in good order. So what i did was ordered the TPE glue which isnt actually glue it breaks down the tpe and when you put the edges together it reforms as a new piece. So i will be stuffing the ripped breast with cotton balls and gluing it back together. Now we will have 2 dolls and its awesome that we got an extra head and wigs so we are able to make 2 fulls dolls for the price of one and some surgical repairs lol. I havent done it yet but im sure it will go great. It took 2 days to clean the gel off of the damaged one and it was such a pain in the ass we almost gave up but my wife is persistent and she finally came clean. Now i will have 2 dolls for my photography to make even more looks.

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    It's here! The Mon Amour Toujours April Anniversary sale. Save 20% now through April 10th. Stop by and find your favorite girl at a fantastic price. https://www.matproducts.biz/

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    Hey guys, just thought I'd say hello. I go Chelsea about two years ago and she's taught me quite a bit about dolls. She's a small doll at 100 cm and my wife and I both enjoy playing with her. I'm currently looking for her a sister, one a little taller. Other than my wife, only two people know about her and now they want dolls. With people being so closed minded, I cant share the joy of having a doll with anyone. I'll try to keep in touch.



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