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    Another classic Christmas bit from everyone’s two favorite stoners Cheech and Chong.

    Finally got one of the Christmas dresses in today but still no sign of the other two. Very pissed at the seller for getting paid on Dec.1 and not shipping the first dress until the 7th and so far all the tracking number for the other two  shows is “tracking number provided” and has not even been scanned by the post office yet so WTF? Contacted them and got a generic reply about the unreliability of the post office. Sent another message just now demanding to know why it seems to not have been shipped yet two weeks later.

    • ok? THIS IS CRAZY! I put the wrong link in for the video so then I edited it to put the right one and what happens? The post in the actual forum shows the correct link and this one shows the one I corrected. So, one post with one link that shows up as different links depending on where you view the post. Sorry that the link to the video in THIS post is wrong but if you view it in the actual “Getting in the Holiday Spirit” post in the Dollyverse forum the link is correct.