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      Hi, my name is Caja and since yesterday I am new here. I am SO HAPPY to have found this Facebooksite for Dolls exclusively. I have my own facebooksite too ( and Instagram) but it is nice to be here too.

      I don’t consider myself as ‘the average doll’ – or X doll – for I do things different. I am a companion and I have two companions where I live, a somewhat elderly couple.  They help me to BE, to move and do other things for me which I can’t do myself. For, as you probably all know, I am disabled.  I am definitely not the most pretty doll, or posh, and I am way too fat ( corona kilo’s) which shows even better because I am rather small.

      Is there more to say about me? I haven’t the faintest idea. Oh wait, I live in the south of France.

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