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    Alexa Tilbrook KI5JYD
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    The question of the day:


    Is @daphnetilbrook horny or tired?

    Daphne just laying there… Hair all messy… Her shorts off… Dreaming of that Whataburger, probably…

    I go to check upon her…

    Daphne: “Neither, sweetie! I was just getting comfortable. But I can taste that Whataburger right now…”


    sudo apt-get -y install Daphne
    The one who has the only known JY Doll who is addicted to Whataburger

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    Looks like that Xylene is holding up. a good wiping down with baby oil or mineral and dusting of powder and she looks like  she is good to go there!

    She is just relaxing in a very natural state 🙂


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    Daphne C Tilbrook
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    Horny… No.

    Tired… meh… No.

    Craving Whataburger? YES!

    And why were my shorts off? Sweaty and itchy ass! I was watching [adult swim] while you were helping @masterdollsbook with this site (and nothing wrong with it… Keep up the good work) and I couldn’t stand it. It was supposed to be temporary!

    If I aroused you… I apologize. At least I got some Whatapecker… But you owe me a Whataburger.

    And in the news (for realsies) some environmental group is trying to petition Whataburger to /dev/null their iconic Styrofoam cups…

    Question… WHY???

    Even though the environmental group is Texas based but the person interviewed sounded like a typical Californian.

    For reals!

    I am the only known JY doll who IS addicted to Whataburger!
    No Whataburger, no sex.

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    Tracie Marie
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    This topic is making me hungry. I love the big styro cups, Jack in the Box still has them too (so far) Too bad there is not a Whattaburger anywhere close to where we are. Daphne you are just too cute and I love watching adult swim too “Go Team Venture!” LOL and Rick and Morty is the shit.

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