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      (Mod) Don Keydick
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      Hi everyone from me and the girls. I am starting my own account so I can express how happy I am to see this site up and running. I am not going to do any bashing except to say it was getting pretty stuffy and very clique-ish over on TDF and it is so great to have an alternative where all dolls are equal. Julia has  her own account to share all her own stuff and this one will let me get into more technical stuff. I hope we can get some more of our real friends over here soon and get back to the part where we have fun and tell stories and share photos and what not. Don

      "A woman is the most fiendish instrument of torture ever devised to bedevil the days of man" Ulysses Everett McGill
      That is why I have Dolls
      "Making DollsBook Great"

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      Hi everyone from me and the girls. I am starting my own account so I can express how happy I am to see this site up and running. I am not going to do any bashing except to say it was getting pretty stuffy and very clique-ish over on TDF and it is so great to have an alternative where all dolls are equal. Julia has her own account to share all her own stuff and this one will let me get into more technical stuff. I hope we can get some more of our real friends over here soon and get back to the part where we have fun and tell stories and share photos and what not. Don

      Bash TDF all ya want. As long as it’s the truth and not rumor or gossip 🙂

      Just kidding about the bashing. I understand fully what you mean.

      I’ve always been pretty hard on salesmen, was not really any that convinced me on that site, I needed what they selling.

      I can make my own choice, think for myself. And do not need anyone’s approval LOL

      And do not hurt others in order to please or try to make a buck. I’m in it for the fun!!

      It is hoped this forum can be so much different than any other. It’s up to us, the DB member!

      Thank Don!!




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      You wanna know why TDF is so dickish about what we post over there?

      They are hosted by OVH in Canada. Canada does NOT have protections like the USA regarding user-generated content. And OVH sucks, sucks, sucks. I once tried a friend who had a site hosted with OVH.. their control panel is SHIT! And they can lock your site simply by reformatting your entire server and cite that you broke the ToS… but not which section! I was lucky to help him migrate to a new host (1&1, what this site is on)… and when we tried to log into the OVH control panel, it said

      Set up your new OVH site!

      We were like: Set UP? We want to BACK UP our files and migrate! So we went to their forum… they said “you got an email stating why. Your server was reset [meaning someone complained and we erased your server’s drive]”

      Luckily he had a backup and within a couple of hours… we then ran into more trouble when we wanted to change over the DNS over from OVH to 1&1. He needed to change the domain DNS from OVH to 1&1. He already had his domain transfer accepted. But, they wouldn’t let him change it over… blah blah blah account had a few ToS issues… contact support at some ungodly hour in Canada, even though he assumed (correctly) that he bought the OVH service from the USA division based in New York… they will be happy to fix it. 1&1 got on OVH’s asses and fixed the DNS A and CNAME records for him.

      tl;dr… OVH is a headache, and Canada laws suck for Internet users.

      This link is from a third-party unofficial (very unofficial that the Kodi.TV forums will NOT help you if your logs have ANY TVAddons addons when asked to submit logs) Kodi repository that tries to keep it legit, but it essentially explains why TDF staff is dicks… Rogers Telecom, and associated telecoms in Canada… but… here:

      Fuck TDF. Dollsbook is the future. Now, TDF may send its cronies over here to screw us over… but we understand that it will (not may) happen, that we toe the line with them, we pay them, or let them buy us out… no. The owner of TDF (whose name I personally decline to name) does not understand US law (he is a permanent resident of Nova Scotia)… and me being an FCC licensed amateur radio operator, I know the FCC website inside and out (not just the Universal Licensing System section), and I will tell him, “Dude, what may work with your ISEC, but the FCC will tell you to fuck off.”

      No disrespect to our Canadian friends here, so PLEASE contact your Parliament and DEMAND them to change it! In the USA, we can petition our members of Congress and House of Representatives to change arbitrarily absurd laws… so you Canadians do the same!

      And yes, TDF is basically a showroom. It’s all about who can get the clueless customer first. And that’s usually Jeff of Booty Call Dolls. 🙁 Don Delano, of Mon Amour Toujours, has tried many times to display his personal service and that it’s all about the customer. But I can go on and on. This is why I went with Don Delano instead of Jeff. I have a picture of a mask I took while I was at a Dollar General in River Oaks, TX that is of a crying baby. This, as @RainKing has said, is exactly what Jeff is like. It’s on my phone and I’ll post it on this thread when I get the time.

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      Mrs. Vicki Lawson-Havens DBIN9JYD
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      Bash away, @dkeydick, bash away!

      As long as it’s not hearsay or unconfirmed rumor… it’s fair game here.

      But… @ki5jyd… yes, OVH sucks. Blocks many crucial ports essential to server maintenance. They block ports 22 (SSH), 21 (FTP), etc., citing “keeping the ‘hackers’ out” (I so want to find that New York Times journalist who mangled that word and made it so bad, and strangle him, but as Alton Brown said… That’s another show!) and wants everything done through their AJAX- and JavaShit-heavy browser interface… but irrelevant. TDF may be hosted through them, but that’s only about 5% of why they suck.

      (On a lighter note… Listen to BaD Radio’s Why Today Doesn’t Suck, courtesy of 1310/96.7 FM The Ticket [KTCK]!)

      TDF sucks because I’m technically barred from posting pictures of myself there! Bleh! Is it because I’m a JY? Yes, probably. They weasel their way around the “ban” saying that I “look too young.” Fuck you. Who said that I was underage? They won’t tell me or Alexa. “I don’t want to throw my friend under the bus,” is EXACTLY what Alexa and I were told. But the issue really was is that I’m a doll from a “unapproved” manufacturer, and since I didn’t come from Jeff but another vendor… but Alexa, Don Delano, @rainking, @dbevadmin and I (yes, even @masterdollsbook too) are pretty much buddies and are getting fed up with TDF always siding with Jeff and saying that he isn’t doing anything wrong, but is helping this community grow. Bullshit.

      You know what they say what happens to people who think they’re too big to fail…

      [spoiler title=”Spoiler”]

      The bigger they are, the harder they fall.


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      Here is my positive to say about TDF.

      When LuAnne had busted her fingers, the floppy fingers were sort of annoying.

      They’d lasted 3+ months before breaking, which is not bad.

      So in researching how to repair, I’d come across a man named James aka Crazycajun. He had videos up on his repair, and his replacement palm plate, but I knew my doll was different from the WM.

      Had PM’d with him several times. Of course he could only offer best wishes of luck in the repair. Had chatted with a couple other users there as well in swapping ideas for fingers.

      I talked and talked about it, then finally said screw it! I’m going in and taking a look. And what I saw was not horrifying, or real complicated. I had tried the 14 ga. electrical wire and did not like the super stiffness. And this is when I’d made the phone wire fingers. Not real stiff, not real limp. For me they are great.

      Crazycajun commended me on a clean job, and we were slowly becoming friends. But then he suddenly passed away. I did feel quite sad when finding this out.

      Another positive is a chemical called Xylene. 🙂

      many posts about it, mostly negatives. Xylene is a chemical to be used very cautiously. But it does work on most of the TPE test toys I’ve tried it with. But not all.

      It makes a good TPE paste. And very little of Xylene is needed to make a paste, to fill a small hole. (elbows,knee,etc)

      many of the vendor affiliates got angry about the posts about this chemical. why? (I think I know the answer) 🙂

      In a nutshell, the TDF site is great for info, but those who have turned the hobby into a money making venture, are just thorns in the side of those who do not want to spend a fortune repairing their dolls.

      I contacted Don at Mon Amours about TPE glue solvent. I wanted to compare the Xylene to the “official” repair solvent. For me to buy from him would be 50 dollars Canadian.

      8 bucks for the solvent, 36 dollars to ship, in Canadian funds it was almost 50 bucks for a few teaspoons of stuff 🙂 No thanks.

      Had TDF not been open for helpful info, I’m sure I would have been able to figure it all out on my own, but it did help to get me started.

      yes, there are people there who are just plain ignorant, it does sort of take the fun out of it. Quite possibly they are there to please the people they support, and to bash and put down those they don’t.

      Discrimination towards dolls. very sick minded!! LOL


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      About concerns. and other site concerns:

      Even though many just go straight for the forums, this is a Social Network modeled to be similar to the “big blue one.”

      Let your hearts not be worried, taking  on vendor ads, will not dictate content. We will not have any form of “approved vendors.”  The only vetting done here will be honest reviews by the members and the source of purchase. They get to let their voice be heard without having to worry about fake reviews.

      There may be some other ads also, unrelated to the doll community.

      We have to have some form of self-sufficiency.. Not only in the cost of hosting, content distribution network server, plugins, and premium security, but the time and effort in the manual maintenance, updating and re-configuring of the site after some updates change the currently used CSS. Plus we really want a nice list of growing new features to keep this place fun, exiting, and different. 

      Facebook’s only revenue is ads. They have such a huge audience that those clicks make them millions. Unfortunately, we are a niche group. Some ugliness must be present to help fund our habitat. We also plan on looking into Patreon or PayPal donations if the willingness is there as an alternative/booster.

      I just do not feel right asking for donations for something that is not yet complete. 

      Currently, the host is paid up until Oct 2019, and domain until Feb 2020. Its only a matter of finding the right combo for support, and offering  wanted service/features.

      When we become a full fledged community with a mass of active members, we can have some stroke to hold contests and ask vendors for things to use a prizes perhaps.

      Always remember this…

      Our Members are what makes us. That is the first thing in our “book.”

      <3 Eva

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        I did not realize @dbevadmin is this doll..

        Very cute!! Was one I had looked at buying as well. Me being a cheapskate/frugal/tightwad…. She was beyond my budget for a first doll.

        Getting black eyes would clone Eva into this doll I bet 🙂


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      Hi everyone!

      I’m so glad to see this community up and running! It’s been a while since we had a good place to chat and share photos. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better. 🙂

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