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      The drive to her father’s house from the chop shop wasn’t very far, nonetheless, as Lin got closer to her destination, she remembered when her father gave her, her first chain whip lesson. It was a sunny day and early in the morning, surprisingly, it was also hot. Choy was in the family Kwoon, (Chinese for martial arts school), and was standing facing the alter positioned on the Eastern wall at the center.

      Lin, dressed in a traditional Kung Fu uniform and already sweating from the walk between the house and the Kwoon, stopped at the entrance, took off her shoes and placed them on a mat to the left of the entrance. She faced the alter standing in the archway and bowed. Then she took two steps forward and dropped to her knees placing her hands palm down on the floor in front of her with her forefingers and thumbs touching, forming a triangle, and placed her forehead on her hands and held this position saying “Sifu.”

      Her father Choy Bung Wei was the Sifu, or teacher. He turned and faced Lin and said, “Stand.”

      As she stood, she locked her eyes with his, then she felt something fly past the left side of her head with a swooshing sound, then she felt her legs being bound and pulled out from under her. She hit the ground hard falling backwards, not taking her eyes off her father the whole time, she could not see what had just taken her down.

      Choy yelled, “Stand!” Lin scrambled to her feet and stood at attention feeling numb from the fall and curious as to what caused it. Her father then produced what looked like a shiny rope of silver holding it in his left hand. He began with, “I took your legs with this. The question in your mind is, what is this. He then took his righthand and grabbed one end of the silver rope, which exposed it as more like a steel chain, and stretched it out with both arms holding it horizontal to the ground.

      In his left hand was what appeared to as a handle, where his right hand he was holding a section of the chain while the end dangled. The end looked like a steel dart. Choy said, “This is called a nine-section whip. As you can see there are nine long pieces of metal held end to end by metal circles, with one end being a handle and the other being the business end of this weapon the steel dart. Also, as I just demonstrated it can take the legs out from under an enemy quickly because of the weapons ability of stealth.”

      After that Choy began to teach Lin how to use and master this weapon, which as the years passed her knowledge of the chain whip has become very useful.

      As this last thought entered her mind, she pulled into her fathers’ driveway where Hong was waiting. She put the car in park and got out Hong said, “Brace yourself it isn’t pretty.”

      Lin retorted, “I’ll be fine. Did you call anyone else?”

      Hong said, “Not yet, I was waiting for your orders”

      Once both entered the crime scene Lin stopped and said, “Call Da Min Tsu.”

      Hong did so without hesitation. Neither Lin or Hong touched anything they both stood and looked at everything. The position of the bodies, the needle mark on Choy’s leg, the wire still around the girl’s neck. Da Min Tsu walked in with his two female support officers, who stopped and stood on each side of the entrance, and asked,” Has anything been disturbed?”

      Both Lin and Hong said, “No.”

      Da Min Tsu, then asked, “Who found the bodies this way?”

      Hong said, “I did.”

      Hong went on to explain the events of the evening. Da Min Tsu listened and made notes in his little black book. Next Da Min Tsu began his investigation, Lin stood by watching and taking in every move Da Min Tsu made. Lin noticed the officers, still standing at the door, didn’t have badges that resembled any service she’d seen before. While the uniforms looked normal the insignias didn’t match anything either.

      Lin had never seen this man before, and only knew of him by name and his reputation through work he’d performed for the family. This is what prompted her to order Hong to call him. Yet, something looked vaguely familiar about him and his two minions. Her father always used him when things got messy.

      Now Lin was beginning to re-think the family relationship with this individual. Nevertheless, she let him finish investigating the scene, before she asked Da Min Tsu, “What have you found?”

      Da Min Tsu turned to her and said, “it is definitely a professional hit. He then turned the tables and asked Lin and Hong if they’d seen the dead girl before?”

      Both said, “No.”

      Hong went on the tell Da Min Tsu about how there were two girls that came as a suggestion by Hung Lo who was Choy’s friend and partner in the club circuit. Da Min Tsu made a note of this in his book. Then said, “I’ll have my team come and clear the scene and prep your father for the funeral. You should keep things looking as if nothing happened, as this can flush out the perpetrators.”

      Lin agreed and told Hong to stay in the house and keep running errands as if nothing has changed. In the mean time Lin will began her own investigation. Da Min Tsu left with his cohorts and Lin took Hong aside and added, “Hong, I want you to get some of your men together to follow Da Min Tsu to see where he goes and what he is up too. I don’t trust him. Also find out who those women are and were they work. Something doesn’t feel right.”

      As for keeping up appearances there are already a few high-ranking students that have been teaching at the various schools around town and throughout the world. Nonetheless, after Da Min Tsu left Lin went into her father’s private room to find the security feed and see what was on it.

      Meanwhile across town in a seedy hotel room a stranger was making a phone call, lets’ listen to what he says.

      Stranger, “Hello, I haven’t seen my brother for over three hours. Has he made contact yet?

      Voice, “No, he hasn’t reported in yet.”

      Stranger, “He was just supposed to deliver the message and return with their answer. Something must have gone wrong.”

      Voice, “Don’t worry, we have someone looking into the matter. We were expecting him back to meet with our other contact. She reported in and told us she hadn’t seen him. She stated she waited at the rendezvous for a half hour and he never showed.”

      The stranger hung up the phone, standing between the side table and the window of the hotel room, facing the back of the room, he turned and spread the curtains open with his left hand to let the sun light in. With the hook, where his right hand should’ve been, he began to scratch a “w” into the glass…..

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