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Some Updates

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      Don Delano- Mon Amour Toujours
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      One thing I like about DB is that I can be a little more care free about what I post. There’s a few things I would like to shares.


      1. YouTube shut me down. I’m posting my videos on Vimeo and XVideos now. It will take some time to post to Vimeo because they have a limit on how much you can upload per week. You can start following my on Vimeo now though.

      That’s it for the “bad” news… Now for some good news-

      1. Have you seen 3X Doll? I might have mentioned I’m working very closely with them on promotions and editing. You can see the entire 3X Doll line here. Back in Jan. 3X (Ai-bei) Doll sent me a sample (Tiffany) to review and photograph; you might have already seen Tiffany in a couple of instructional videos that were on YouTube (but aren’t anymore because my channel was banned because of too many violations and crappy YT rules, anyway, haha)… I must say I am extremely impressed! Tiffany is beautiful and excellent quality. I uploaded a couple photos of her on DB. Please take a look at her personal profile and let me know what you think about her. One of the things I have been advising 3X on are the photos; you should notice a difference between the Tiffany photos and her sisters. Please let me know what you think about the content, quality and if you have any guesses who the photographer might be, lol.

      I just have to say Tiffany is really hot! Be on the look out for my review of her next week.

      2. I’ll be having more doll reviews coming. The long awaited JY muscle, Hit Doll TPE HR series as well as some others.

      3. Speaking of Hit Doll, take a look at their collection. The set up is much different on my store because of the options they offer. You might be familiar with Hit Doll, Z-one used to be under the Hit Doll name. Z-one is now Sino Doll and no longer affiliated with Hit Doll; I’ve already posted some of their ladies on DB. I’m very excited to do a review for the TPE Hit Doll. This will give everyone  a glimpse of how impressive the HR TPE series is.

      4. In spite of being banned from YouTube I’m planning on doing a Mon Amour Toujours Art channel. This channel will focus on the artistic side of doll with no nudity. This will still allow me to promote brands and my site without having to deal with the censoring. This project will be a few months down the line, it will take me some time to do the videos and photo shoots.

      5. Lots of other amazing projects in the works but it’s too early to give anything away right now but I’ll keep you posted!

      Thank you for reading and I look forward to your comments.

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      Dutch Dance Maniac
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      Nice beautyful doll MR Don.

      Yeah You-tube and dolls sucks…….  Better to use the adult tube sites for that.

      Greetings from the Netherlands, DDM, Timea, Daisy & Mariëlle. 🙂

      However Unreal This May Be, We Are Connected.... You And I.
      We Are On The Same Curve, Point Of All Is:
      We Share The Same Secret .... We Love Our Doll (s) And Our LifeStyle.
      That Makes Us Who We Really Are....... Pure, Loving and Caring...... Welcome Into Our World.

      Life Is Like A Never Ending Dance, Let The Music Play !!!

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