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    I have not had a chance to see the PSVR or Occulus, or HTC yet. RIght now they are a bit out of my range price wise for the tech (on the PC side) but a friend of mine has a PSVR and its amazing his says. I have not had a chance to go check it out yet. My other buddy tried to play Resident Evil and had to take it off cos it was a little too scary he said. Sounds like a great time tho in my op-ed!

    • So far only one game made me a little queasy but other than that I have gotten totally used to it and it is absolutely amazing. There is a VR Youtube app that lets you watch full 3D videos there and the amount of content is growing rapidly. The biggest drawback IMO is the lack of a VR web browser that would allow me to view web based VR content, especially porn LOL. After viewing some bikini babes in full 3D 4K VR on Youtube the porn possibilities are mind boggling. They really appear in full 3D mere inches from you and you would swear you could reach out and touch them.

      • i have heard there are pay sites that offer VRP. someone was talking about it on discord a long time ago. i’ll look into it he he

        • There are, as well as tons of free VRP on sites like Pornhub and xHamster that are free to join. I just need Sony to hook us up with a VR web browser and it will all be good. Kind of surprised and disappointed that there is not one available yet. I would even pay for it through the Playstation store. There are ways to get the PSVR to work with a PC via the USB but unfortunately my PC does not have enough nut to stream the VRP files. Kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place for now. I either need to upgrade my PC or keep waiting on the VR web browser.