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  • As long as you do not leave them dressed for long periods of time they should be just fine TPE does bounce back . Leaving them dressed in clothes for weeks can invite stains. So basic preventative measures will ensure these things will not happen. I like the 1940’s looks too. Tough yet classy 🙂

  • This is a chunk of cheap TPE from a crappy horrible sex toy purchased from Amazon over 2 years ago. A question was put forth on dollsbook here if Acetone can be used to remove finger nails. In this test we soaked TPE in Acetone for about 7 hours. It did not eat it up or dissolve it. I figured maybe it would alter the properties of it by drying it…[Read more]

  • My Lu does not have standing foot or no way to hang from neck. I’ve kept her sitting on her ass. She has some creases where bending at hip/groin from sitting.

    She is of a firmer TPE and her ass is just fine and has not gotten squished.  So if you are keeping her lying down, just watch her bum. Also watch when you wrap her up in blanket that…[Read more]

  • It’s normal when making a cut to do repairs we are worried about leaving nasty scars behind.

    My first repairs were fixing broken wire fingers. Had done both hands twice. The first time the fingers did not last much longer than factory. My doll has the wired wrist/fingers.

    WM dolls has the palm/finger assembly. It is a bit more challenging to…[Read more]

  • I suppose if we look at it this way. A mineral oil sold at pharmacy can be ingested in small quantities 🙂 Vaseline cannot.

    Another experience with vaseline pertains to car care. I’d bought a Mustang with T-Tops once. The owner said he’d put vaseline on the rubbers seals for the glass tops. It seemed the rubbers were quite soft, becoming…[Read more]

  • It’s a common concern. but nothing to be too worried about. It’s great you have the boxes. Just leave them completely undressed, no jewellery either. The only thing that comes to mind is “flat butt syndrome” 🙂 Laying them down. Compression set it about the biggest concern I’d think. Temperature you say is fine, they’ll not dry or crack. TPE is…[Read more]

  • Couple pages from The Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers 2nd edition.

    I’d not steer you wrong. These solvents used in this are not as harmful as claimed by some.  Remember like dissolves Like? well there ya go 🙂


  • It’s a terrible system that needs revision.

    There needs to be something that is protecting the consumer. You put down deposit, their policies state they retain 10% if cancelled. There is no fine print stating a time limit. (unless they write rules as they go along) Each case is different they claim? hmmm.

    You ought to have a receipt to state…[Read more]

  • Hmm sounds like quite a racket ordering one of these. Does it seem they do not want to swallow any costs in the beginning of your order? hehehehe worse system then buying a car


    See images of some policies posted on the Sinthetics dot com site.


    Note: we do not pour the silicone until it’s paid in full….  10 years later… uhhh…[Read more]

  • Did some reading about certain over the counter products used in doll care. On a popular forum 🙂 A vendor and his newly wed guide posted as a sticky. (2017)

    My experience differs and reading on other sites selling sex toys that sort of contradict some of the advice given. I suppose disclaimers should be mentioned any time one is advised…[Read more]


    There is so much debate about using solvents with doll TPE.  If one does a google search “Xylene destroys TPE” There is not a lot of easy to understand info posted about it. Except from T-D-F affiliates. But there does not seem to be undeniable proof of this from the polymer community or other scientists? 🙂

    I have read these…[Read more]

  • Rebuilt the labia basically from the body up. It was one of the first things to get wrecked from sex marathons 🙂 Lu is hot in bed ya know 🙂 But we do not do that to her anymore lol I was pretty rough with Lu 🙂

    Made from the Doc Johnson mix. It adheres very well. It’ll not come off.

    Basically just used a small brush and applied light layers…[Read more]

    • Great work!

    • Very impressive work. Well done !

      • I beat it up good in the first couple months. 🙂 Broken fingers too. So had to become a doll doctor/surgeon. Most of the stuff sold to repair is sort of pricey. Does it work any better then what I’ve made myself? Doubtful 🙂 Takes time to figure stuff out and get confident. I did try a solder iron at first, and it looked good, but did not hold up…[Read more]

  • I know the OP said “no comments” 🙂 I just cannot help myself though, Video title says “WM TPE leg repair”, but just shows ’em using “glue” to close up. Quite likely they put a hole in there to access nut to tighten up.

    I do not always wipe surface with oil before applying the solvent/glue. But I…[Read more]

    • Doll’s surgery images always impress me … Thanks anyway for sharing such images.

      • Once the day comes when you may need to do something for Mila, you’ll know it’s not impossible. The things many people are realizing as of late is how contradictory a lot of info can be. I am doing what I can to share info that I have learned by practicing. I’ll humbly say sometimes I do a great job, other times I bomb!! but practice a lot with…[Read more]


    More videos from Mishka (If they post here)    🙂

    The crotch repair is cool. It’s odd when I’d suggested this sort of thing once upon a time, I got scoffed at on a certain place. 🙂

    Lot of smoke when he flows that stuff into the gash on crotcch. Shows it’s a bit too hot. TPE will d…[Read more]

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