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  • And for those not wishing to try what I’ve been doing, there is a seller on Alibaba selling TPE adhesive here:

    Looks promising, and is in line with most prices for TPE “glue”

    I’ve even invited them here to…[Read more]


    There is so much debate about using solvents with doll TPE.Β  If one does a google search “Xylene destroys TPE” There is not a lot of easy to understand info posted about it. Except from T-D-F affiliates. But there does not seem to be undeniable proof of this from the polymer community or other scientists? πŸ™‚

    I have read these…[Read more]

  • Rebuilt the labia basically from the body up. It was one of the first things to get wrecked from sex marathons πŸ™‚ Lu is hot in bed ya know πŸ™‚ But we do not do that to her anymore lol I was pretty rough with Lu πŸ™‚

    Made from the Doc Johnson mix. It adheres very well. It’ll not come off.

    Basically just used a small brush and applied light layers…[Read more]

    • Great work!

    • Very impressive work. Well done !

      • I beat it up good in the first couple months. πŸ™‚ Broken fingers too. So had to become a doll doctor/surgeon. Most of the stuff sold to repair is sort of pricey. Does it work any better then what I’ve made myself? Doubtful πŸ™‚ Takes time to figure stuff out and get confident. I did try a solder iron at first, and it looked good, but did not hold up…[Read more]

  • Not really related to scammers but….

    Found this post of a sad owner of a brand new WM doll. 6 Days!! owner claims it’s unused sexually and tearing already in groin. And other minor issues.

    Read the posts in the images I have included here and I have a question for all you genuine WM owners.

    The man saved up to buy a doll. He’d used a…[Read more]

  • I know the OP said “no comments” πŸ™‚ I just cannot help myself though, Video title says “WM TPE leg repair”, but just shows ’em using “glue” to close up. Quite likely they put a hole in there to access nut to tighten up.

    I do not always wipe surface with oil before applying the solvent/glue. But I…[Read more]

    • Doll’s surgery images always impress me … Thanks anyway for sharing such images.

      • Once the day comes when you may need to do something for Mila, you’ll know it’s not impossible. The things many people are realizing as of late is how contradictory a lot of info can be. I am doing what I can to share info that I have learned by practicing. I’ll humbly say sometimes I do a great job, other times I bomb!! but practice a lot with…[Read more]


    More videos from Mishka (If they post here) Β Β  πŸ™‚

    The crotch repair is cool. It’s odd when I’d suggested this sort of thing once upon a time, I got scoffed at on a certain place. πŸ™‚

    Lot of smoke when he flows that stuff into the gash on crotcch. Shows it’s a bit too hot. TPE will d…[Read more]

  • RGC_LuLu posted a photo 1 week ago

    Why can’t a doll have a doll? πŸ™‚ Lu-Doll-Lu-Doll

    Why can’t a doll have a doll? πŸ™‚ Lu-Doll-Lu-Doll
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  • RGC_LuLu replied to the topic Well, den! in the forum BIZ DOLLS LOUNGE 1 week ago

    It was nice to have made your acquaintance @dbevadmin.

    You’ve moved on to the next stage of life. Here is hoping everything goes as smooth as freshly powdered silky smooth dolly skin lol

  • This post is mostly for New buyers, shoppers of TPE or silicone dolls. And about the possibility of being scammed out of your money.

    Been reading around the web of people experienced in purchasing of “synthetic friends” πŸ™‚ Notice I did not say sex doll? Everyone who buys one will have different reasons for doing so. I will share why I had bought…[Read more]

    • Well said. For me, two different dolls from two different AliExpress vendors, zero scams. I noticed right away that all of the “reputable” vendors used the same photos which led me to realize, if AliExpress is going to support their return policy, ALL vendors are selling the same product. Like a lot of American “manufacturers”, the buy a product…[Read more]

      • That begs the question, why are there no European or North American manufacturers of TPE dolls.?? There is Abyss Creations of Realdoll, and some of their models are very beautiful. The price tags are high. If well cared for they will last a very long time, and an owner will get their money’s worth over time
        Materials and labor costs have sent a…[Read more]

        That begs the question, why are there no European or North American manufacturers of TPE dolls.?? Th
  • Removable Body Color?

    Not to sure how popular this idea is. Crazycajun developed it. (There is a reason dollsbook honors his name in this forum)Β  He has since passed on. There are people who have continued the body color idea on.

    This paste recipe can do the same thing.

    When I first started playing with trying to make a TPE glue, I’d first…[Read more]

    • Yes good old paint thinner (Xylene) will dissolve TPE nicely, an thus can be used as a solvent to create TPE-paste/filler. I discovered that if you. Apply this paste on a stretched surface, wait for 20 Seconds and the release the tension,wrinkles will appear,like the wrinkles in lips 💋, cool effect
      I use odorless mineral spirits sometimes to…[Read more]

      • It was a company called Greenfield Chemical. on Alibaba. But I cannot find them there easily now. Possibly they closed. The stuff I’d bought has quite a high melt temp and does not flow good. It is durable though πŸ™‚ It’s an SEBS blend. Been looking for an SBS, but not having a lot of luck. One supplier on Alibaba I contacted does have clear. SEBS…[Read more]

  • RGC_LuLu posted 3 photos 1 week, 6 days ago

    Mmmmm LuAnne looking luscious tonight. Got around to doing a bit of a makeover. The Playboy outfit fits her near perfect! Have only had it 3 months, we finally slipped it on. She loves it! Lu-2-7-20-1Lu-2-7-20-2Lu-2-7-20-3

    Mmmmm LuAnne looking luscious tonight. Got around to doing a bit of a makeover. The Playboy outfit fMmmmm LuAnne looking luscious tonight. Got around to doing a bit of a makeover. The Playboy outfit fMmmmm LuAnne looking luscious tonight. Got around to doing a bit of a makeover. The Playboy outfit f
    • LuAnne is right to love it because she is very sexy with … @rgc67 is lucky to have such beauty with him

      • She’s pretty high maintenance @purple95 LuAnne want eyebrows like Mila’s not sure if I can do them that good πŸ™‚ We did blow the Xenon tube inside the flash during this shoot lol. It was a new tube. just replaced. Have another one can put in it. It’s just a throw around flash. The sound it made when it popped was quite intense. hehehhe El cheapo…[Read more]

        • down on one’s luck … I hope LuAnne can have her eyelashes like Mila again …
          I don’t know if it’s difficult to do … on the other hand, I’m interested in your debriefing if you try the experience

    • Holy cow! She looks amazing! For a guy who says he fumbles with make up, I say you nailed it.

      • πŸ™‚ Thanks. I just use mineral oil based pencils. Moisten a small bit of sponge with mineral oil. Using a makeup pencil, pencil it on sponge, and then dab her cheeks for blush. Have to do it a couple times. it does light layers. seems to work ok. same for lipstick. just use pencil, dip tip in mineral oil and paint away on the lips, labia, nipples.…[Read more]

    • Nice outfit.. Sexy Lu..
      isn’t it frustrating that nearly no “of the rack” clothing will fit dolls.. Due to their extremely weird measurements it a bitch to find some thi gs that fits… That’s why I will soon start a course in making clothing so I can design my own or adapt of the rack clothing.

      • DIY is king. Biggest problem Lu has are her breasts. Petite women her size usually do not have breasts D size or bigger πŸ™‚ Plus, she is a firm breasted doll. Not a lot of give to them for the cups. It’s ok, we manage just fine. Thats’ great @l4zlo you can be a fashion designers for your dolls. Custom line of clothes to fit better, look better!…[Read more]

        • Lol yeah big boobies, small dollies same go’s for the shoulders and torso length, and the waist and underbust the diameter/ circumference of upper and lower arm.. They are all kid size while the breasts and hips are adult size. An absolute freaking nightmare to find clothing that fits..
          I’ve got a thing about clothing.. It annoys the crap out of…[Read more]

          • Frustrating esp. if buying new and paying top buck. Lu just gets her stuff at the thrift store. Since she is small the choices are endless. Her little playboy outfit here cost 4 dollars. Yes the small upper arms do look weird. Often wondered how to pump ’em up πŸ™‚ but would probably just mess ’em up. It’s a win some lose some when it come to…[Read more]

    • Just thought I’d mention the blue eyes Lu is modelling in these pics were from Aliexpress Anna Yan store quite a while ago. I had ordered green. πŸ™‚ Now I did contact them saying they’d sent blue, but they were insistent they sent green. (there is a tiny bit of green around pupil) No biggie. 10 bucks. Browsing a sex doll vendor in Canada, they had…[Read more]

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